Its been fun finding little details on the appearance of Sherlock and how we as a society have come to know this man to be the greatest detective of all time, without ever having read most of the original cases he has been a part of. From his signature trench coat to the deerstalker hat, I found another popular image in The Adventure of the Empty House.  This time, I saw the popular shadow of his profile. We have all seen that dark colored-in portrait of Holmes smoking a pipe in his deerstalker hat and the back of his trench coat almost looking like a tail poking out behind him against his shoulder blades. Its iconic. And often one of the things I think about from our earlier days in class was when Professor Chan asked us how we knew certain characters or images were embodying Sherlock Holmes when we (some of us, i.e me) haven’t ever read Conan Doyles version. So as I was reading and in the stated story I found a scene where this image came up, I couldn’t help but feel I had found a clue as to why the shadowy outline of Holmes was so… popular? I hesitate to say that because I don’t feel it is the right word but anyway the passage went, “There was no mistaking the poise of the head, the squareness of the shoulders, the sharpness of the features… and the effect was that of one of those black silhouettes which our grandparents loved to frame. It was a perfect reproduction of Holmes.”