A couple sentences in I could tell this was a modern fanfiction of Sherlock Holmes. It was the use of technology really that gave it away. I found it interesting (though a bit, *respectfully*, annoying at first) that the author decided to give readers a hear of Sherlocks mind as he goes about his day and more obviously as he uses it to solve crimes.  Not gonna lie I found it confusing at first (maybe thats more the fault of the format), I wasnt sure whose thoughts were in italics. It wasn’t until Holmes had to actually solve the crime that I fully understood it. In this version, Sherlock is more of the main attraction than Watson and the narrator is a third party; neither Watson or Sherlock. It felt uncomfortable and foreign not to be hearing a “Sherlock story” from Watsons perspective and Im not sure if I liked it much. Also I couldn’t figure out what kind of Watson this was. Is he the muscle? Because it kind of felt like it. AND THEN THAT SCENE AT THE END. I dont know if this is embarrassing to mention but I have read my fair share of fanfiction…I kinda wrote one too. They were mostly about celebrities from bands but sexual tension and really sexual anything is very prominent in those kinds of stories. I think it’s because its what everyone (mostly fans) wants to imagine. Its an idea, made up from little “subliminal” events (like all the hand holding and care shared between Watson and Sherlock) drawing the two characters together that readers want satisfied. Watson and Sherlock never really had a chance in Conan’s original depiction but now, in the future, everyone (thats subjective but I hope you get the point) wants them to have their chance. And here they do! Fanfiction is after all, a fan writing to what they, as a fan, wants to see. It just so happens many others want to imagine and see those same ideas at play too.