I can understand a bit of insecurity when pining for someone who might be on “another level” than you in different aspects but there was something really anti-feminist (not surprising) about the level of disappointment Watson felt towards Miss. Morstan’s coming into wealth. It wasn’t like she was a rich woman to begin with, she was struggling like many others to make ends meet as a governess. Did he want her to suffer like that forever? It felt very unfair. Especially when all the men in this story are doing so many illegal things just to obtain a bit of that said wealth. She would have received her fair share LEGALLY and Watson selfishly is thinking about how she may not even regard him if shes rich, which doesnt even seem true of her character. The way Doyle wrote her character though is also a bit tragic. I refuse to put any of the blame about on Miss. Morstan, but it is sad (though not surprising) that Doyle has made her the way he has. She’s like a humble mute. A character seen rather than heard. She doesn’t even blink over the fact that thousands in treasures that could have saved her years and years of hard labor has vanished right from under her. Literally. Imagine someone you have feelings for (maybe) bringing a box to you said to contain treasure that you are to inherit and upon opening it, its empty. Would that not be the most awkward, confusing, slightly even maddening situation? SHE DOESN’T EVEN REACT. Watson got lucky with her. She doesn’t evenĀ  make a thing out of HIS reaction to the box THAT WOULD HAVE SAVED HER (essentially). WHO SAYS, “Thank God! … Because you are within my reach again.” (131)?? Im sorry but isn’t being financially wealthy the most freeing thing for a woman in this time? The fact you don’t have to rely on anyone to provide for you would be very appealing to any woman in that day right? Is she that much of a poet *crying emoji*. I understand romanticizing a relationship and believing that “love is the only thing that matters in the world”, but also, doesn’t she need to eat? Wouldn’t she like to not have to sweat running after children that aren’t her own and get to enjoy that wealth and really truly dream? I don’t know but for the first really genuine time, Watson has annoyed the shit out of me here in chapter 10.