My UCI Experience

I enjoyed my experience as an intern with the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I was able to gain real life exposure to journalism by shooting, editing, and producing my own video sometimes twice a day. I applied for this internship because I wanted to gain real world journalistic experience because I was uncertain if I wanted to continue with journalism as my profession.

With work for other classes on top of working part-time and extra curricular activities,   my journalism projects can be overwhelming and I was concerned if I would be able to juggle journalism as a career. I thoroughly enjoyed filming and producing work under a deadline that was less daunting than I anticipated. Interviewing tourists and locals alike was a great experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

Covering the UCI Bike Race not only granted experience to work for an online publication but also allowed me to become more immersed in the Richmond community. I loved conducting interviews for my videos and being sent out on different assignments each day. I truly value the opportunity I was given to report on a once in a lifetime experience.


  1. I am studying broadcast journalism and political science with a minor in history.
  2. I like to watch documentaries, read, and eat spicy foods in my free time.
  3. I am not a cyclist.
  4. I use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Meerkat, Snap Chat, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr mainly for connecting with friends and family.

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