Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner. Only a few more days until I get a week long break and I absolutely cannot wait. I know it will not truly be a break, but I’m totally okay with this. Just because I am excited to have time to catch up on all of my work and also get ahead. I will also use this time to try to destress as well as relax, because right now I have so much on my plate. Not only will I use spring break for this, but also to catch up on sleep which I really need to do. My sleep schedule right now is horrendous, I’m going to try and get in the habit of going to sleep a little earlier and to wake up at a decent time instead of sleeping half of the day away.

I’m not just excited for reasons of being able to generally better myself, but also to spend time with my family. This is what I’m very excited about, I miss them a lot, so this break will give me time to actually see everyone and sort of be apart of the family again. I am really excited to have family dinners and home-cooking for a whole week! Also get to be in my bed, I cannot wait to feel the comfiness of my bed once again, it has been way too long. I also am excited to be with my younger sister I feel like being around someone 24/7 then never being able to see them but once a month is super rough, we have become so distant and I hate it. Even though we text all the time I just am missing so much of her life and not able to be apart or really be there for her through her high school experience.

I also will hopefully get to see some of my friends while I am back home. Most of them will unfortunately not be there because our spring break is earlier than most colleges, which I am not really happy about. However, I am thinking of visiting some of them who go to college near where I live. I miss all of my friends so much, it kind of sucks going to different colleges as your old friends from home. Because a lot of our breaks never line up and also the short spans in which we do get to be at home we all just want to be around our family as much as we can. So we really only get to see each other maybe one day or sometimes only a few hours.

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  1. Its so exciting to read blogs about spring break!! I also can’t wait to fix my sleep schedule and finally be home with my family as well. We are almost half way through the second semester and spring break is the perfect time to reboot and meet up with old friends from high school. Its always nice to be back home and have homemade food ready in the refrigerator. I can’t wait to be back home with friends and family.

  2. I also wasn’t a huge fan of having spring break so early compared to other colleges and compared to when I used to have spring break in high school, which would typically be one week in April (you know when it is actually spring). But I think I’m pretty content with having it when we are having it. I’ve been doing tons of work lately and it seems like it never stops coming and I’m definitely ready for a break. I commute, so going home is a routine for me, but I’m really excited to just take a break from doing work all the time and instead I’ll be able to work at my job and make some money and I’ll be able to get some much needed sleep (8ams have been kicking my butt).

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