The Basics

While often referred to as “blogging software”. WordPress is more than that. It is a powerful and intuitive way to create web content. It can be used for blogging, for more traditional website creation, or for creating sophisticated multi-author online communities. WordPress is open source software and currently powers about 20%1 of the websites on the Internet. That matters because your time, your energy, and your work matters.

  • Open Source – This software can’t be discontinued by a company. WordPress the software is free2 and anyone can download a copy for free. It’s also free in that any user can alter and use the structure to build new things. Even if you have no intention of doing this it matters because it keeps a community of programmers making WordPress better.
  • Portable – You should be able to put your work where you want. You can always get your work out of Ram Pages. WordPress allows you to import your content into any other WordPress site with the click of a few buttons. Many other content creation tools allow you to import WordPress content and WordPress itself lets you import your content from other sites like Tumblr, Blogger etc.
  • Real World – The skills and knowledge you gain working with WordPress will matter in the real world and will enable you to seamlessly transition to working in the software that powers 20% of today’s web.

For those of you who prefer video, the clip below gives a nice general overview of WordPress in about 60 seconds.

  2. You can read the actual license here if you want more detail.

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