Blog Post #5: Culture

An example of mainstream culture that I have been seeing a lot about this week is the wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. I usually don’t keep up with celebrity news, a lot of the reason for this is because I typically don’t care about it, but I found this to be interesting for many reasons and can be tied to many examples that we’ve discussed in class. Since the news of their marriage surfaced, many people have been ranting and raving about how they wish to have two weddings as they had and how they are “couple goals”. I believe that this is a good example of ideal culture because everyone aspires to have this life and do what they did with their culture, as if their real culture is a fairytale. These celebrities came from two different parts of the world and lived completely different lives in terms of culture and although I do find it interesting that they celebrated their cultures with two wedding ceremonies, this doesn’t mean that it is necessarily something that I want to do myself. It is important to address others’ cultures and I¬†respect that they did this with two ceremonies, but as someone who does not make nearly as much as they do, I would be willing to compromise if I married someone with a different culture as I. I believe that the marriage of Priyanka and Nick is a great example of high culture, as what they did was very elite.

This¬†could also be a form of popular culture, as Chopra wore a dress made by Ralph Lauren, which is a popular brand of clothing among consumers. Their wedding ceremonies can be a great example of material culture as well, as we can see in the Indian wedding ceremony, Priyanka and Nick’s attire (physical objects) is associated with the culture that Priyanka identifies with. I found it interesting to write about something this mainstream because it was something that I had been seeing on all social media platforms and found it intriguing that people were wishing that they did this themselves and can’t wait to get married because of this.

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