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Faculty funding request for submission and guidance

Academic faculty are encouraged to pursue sources of funding to support their scholarship efforts via grants, contracts or foundations. It is important to note that the vast majority of academic faculty requests filter through the Office of Sponsored Projects, it may be feasible for the work of an academic faculty member to utilize the service center model, please see Appendix A for further clarification.

A successful funding package involves multiple considerations and guidance internally within the Wilder School prior to submission to the funding agency (i.e, federal or state grants, foundations). We are aware that funding submission deadlines require quick turnaround and are recommending this practice to reduce barriers in processing, increase knowledge sharing across all involved parties, and provide timely support and effective guidance to the academic faculty.

Research support services team

Susan White, Ph.D.
Director of Research Administration
whitesg@vcu.edu | (804) 827-1858




Collin Cox
Administrative Coordinator
coxcd@vcu.edu | (804) 827-0435




Danielle Shutt
Finance Officer
shuttdm@vcu.edu | (804) 828-7482




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