Heyyyy everyone, this has been a very long, strenuous journey, and I am more than excited to finally be done with everything. Although, I am overjoyed that this semester is over, part of me will miss this class. I feel like I always learned something new, and I will always look at the various aspects we learned whenever I watch a film now. I’m sure that everyone is ready for a much needed break, because I know I am. I hope that everyone has an amazing holiday. Stay safe, and wherever life ends up taking us we’ll always have ENGL 385.


We’re almost at the end of the semester and I could not be happier. Not only would this be the end of the semester for me, but the end of my undergraduate career at VCU. It’s a little bittersweet considering I had to spend my last few months as a college student at my parents house, and now that I’m at the end I don’t get to physically walk across the stage. COVID 19 just couldn’t see me be great. Speaking of corona, how was everyone’s Halloween? I did exactly what I thought I was going to be doing. Watching horror movies, and eating whatever I could find in the kitchen. Now that we are at the start of a new week, I am eager to see what class has to offer.


As we arrive at the beginning of a new week, I want to take this moment to reflect. I can with the upmost certainty say that I was a lot more focused this week. If you’ve been following my semester journey, you’ll know that that is something that has definitely been a challenge to maintain. Although I adore a challenge, with this new online learning concept I find it a little overwhelming to garner my focus the way I should sometimes. I always feel as though I’m forgetting something, and then put more time into double, and triple checking everything for all of my courses. With this second wind of productiveness, I know that I am finally ready to tackle this paper. I haven’t quite picked a scene to work with yet, but I’m confident that I have an idea of what I want to do. I’ve really enjoyed looking at these adaptations of Little Women, especially the way the actors are so animated in their line delivery. I’m never going to be able to get “Christopher Columbus!” out of my head. I can’t wait to see what else Professor Campbell has in store for us.


This semester has definitely been a challenge, but I am always up for a challenge. Now that midterm work is officially in swing I have to say that I am stressed out. I’ve been trying to juggle a lot recently, but I just have to push through and maintain focus. This past week something stood out to me. Before we started looking at adaptations, I never took the time to really think about the costumes and makeup that goes into these films. I guess that is a pretty integral part of the process, and without it there really wouldn’t be convincing characters. I also learned that yelling “Christopher Columbus”, is an acceptable way to show that you are impressed when you enter a room.


I know the purpose of this blog is supposed to be a reflection on what I’ve learned over the week, but I just don’t feel like I learned anything new. Maybe, it’s the online learning, but it seems a lot more difficult to retain information. I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of zoom calls and turning assignments in. Don’t get me wrong I’m really enjoying my classes, but it’s hard to keep focus.

Week four

To be completely honest, this past week was very unproductive. As a honest self-reflection I have to say that I did the bare minimum. This is mostly due to the fact that my internet issues have yet to be resolved, so zoom was pretty much out of the question last week. Looking back at the notes from class something I saw that was interesting was the discussion about sound. Even though I thought I knew a lot about sound in film it was became very apparent that I had so much more to learn. Like pitch being measured in hertz, or the human hearing range. My main goal for this next week is to regain focus and get more work done.

Week Three 9/6/2020

Week three went really well. I felt very productive, I finally resolved my internet issues, and my Little Women book finally came in the mail. My favorite thing we discussed in class has to be takes and long takes. I know it’s relatively simple, and maybe uninteresting, but I enjoy it, because it is one of the things that I find the most interesting about filming a movie. Being able to accomplish a scene in one long take is very impressing to me. For example, I’ve seen a lot of long takes in a lot of my favorite horror movies. Such as, Evil Dead 2 when Ash Williams is running through the cabin to avoid the evil within the woods. Also, in Halloween 2018 when Michael Myers is walking from the outside into various houses in the fictional town of Haddonfield.

Week 2

I have to say that week two went pretty well for me. Nothing has been too exceptionally challenging so far. Although, I can definitely feel my motivation being tested everyday with online learning. My internet being a little shaky hasn’t really aided in that situation. Also, I’m still waiting for my Little Woman book to arrive which is a little disappointing. My favorite subject discussed in class this week has to be the different ways a movie can be shot; like with deep focus, shallow focus, or racking focus. I really enjoy talking about the cinematography behind films, so this really peaked my interest. As far as hopes for next week, fingers crossed I get my book in soon and can finally start reading.

First Post 8/23/2020

Okay, I’ve never actually had a blog before and I must admit it’s different. As far as what I’ve learned this week, everyone is in the same position when it comes to the topic of this pandemic. We’re all trying to stay optimistic and make the best out of the situation. I also learned that I’m not a big fan of online learning. It’s definitely going to be a test of my focus and motivation to keep up with everything from the comfort of home. I am very excited to be start reading Little Women even though I am still patiently waiting for my book to arrive any day now. Even though this going to be a very interesting semester, I am very eager to attain all the knowledge this class has to offer.

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