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Predicting the Panthers record after the NFL Schedule Release

Yesterday at 8PM, the NFL released the schedule for all 32 teams for this regular season.  Although it’s not a huge event or any sort of breaking news, its fun to see which teams play other teams and its fun to see if they get to play on Monday Night Football (MNF), Thursday Night Football (TNF), or Sunday Night Football (SNF).

I can’t lie, even though I’m really excited for this new season of football, the Panthers are gonna have a really tough road to get back on track and get to the playoffs.  They open the season playing against the Los Angelos Rams at home, who just played in this year’s Super Bowl and lost to the Patriots, so it’s easy to say it’ll be a tough game going up against one of the most feared teams in the NFC.  Then we play our only primetime game of the year on TNF against a division rival in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home as well.  The next six games are @ Arizona, @ Houston, home against Jaguars, @ Tampa Bay, @ 49ers, and home against Tennessee.  Even though there may be a couple tough games in there, I see us winning all six of those games.  Then, we get to the tougher part of the schedule where we face the Packers on the road, Falcons at home, @ Saints, Redskins at home, @ Falcons, Seahawks at home, @ Colts, and then end the season facing the Saints at home.

Now from a quick glance this is by no means an easy schedule.  I do think there are some games in there that we should win easily and there are others that I’m not too sure about.  If I had to predict our record for the upcoming 2019 season, it would have to be either 9-7 or 10-6, both of which could bolster us to a playoff berth.

Who is your team playing this year?  What are the tougher games on the schedule?  Does your team play any primetime games? Against who? What record are you predicting/hoping for this season?

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  1. As a Steelers fan, I am not all sure about the upcoming season. Once the schedules were released, I was very excited. The Steelers team went through a lot of changes during the offseason. ESPN had us ending the upcoming season with a record of 9-7. I believe the Steelers will have a better record and still win our division. A lot of people are saying the Browns will beat us, which yes their team looks very good on paper, but until I see them play, I would not get my hopes up. The Steelers have a good amount of primetime games, and I can not wait for the season to start.

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