Adults Can Watch Disney Movies Too

Recently I have been re watching a lot of Disney movies in my free time. Some of which I have not seen in the past couple of years. As a child, I remember them being cute and the songs were great and catchy. However watching them as a college student, I have noticed more of the serious themes and lessons that were placed throughout the story. Many of the characters can be linked to having some sort of mental illness or trauma. There are also similarities to historical events or groups in the movies that could only be recognized by those who have studied high school world history. However, the biggest thing I have noticed is the lessons and how they relate to people in real life. Some examples are Belle from Beauty and the Beast who does not want to live a boring life or Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre-Dame who wants to accepted for his personality and not his looks.

What I like about Disney movies is that they are marketed as family movies and not kids movies. The writers know that older people will also be watching these movies. They add interactions or subject that adults could find fun, thought provoking or recognizable to modern day issues. Issues like prejudice have been used as part of the plot main problem in the movies. Something I found interesting is that earlier Disney movies had addressed very little about social issues compared to movies produced in recent years. Everyone, no matter what age, can watch the movies and get some enjoyment from them. The movies themselves make an average fairy tale charming while also explaining a lesson ether through song or through plot.

One movie that portrays these traits is Lion King. There are similarities of the play hamlet in the story with the evil uncle killing the king and leaving the prince behind. Hamlet is also predominant in a scene where the main character talks to the ghost of his father during a time of sadness and confusion. We see Historical connections in scenes with Scar and the Hyenas  compared to Nazis in World War Two. The movie also talks about interesting topics like finding self identity and dealing with complex emotions like depression. These are subjects that most young children would not even understand or pick up on but adults do. The lessons that come from this movie can apply to any college student. We should not worry to much about our previous mistakes but rather learn from them.

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  1. Okay this is seriously amazing. Being an avid Disney fan since before I could even walk, it is nice to see someone who shares the same passion for Disney and also sees that it is more than just movies for kids. I loved what you wrote towards the end about the Lion King (one of my favorite movies) and how it connects to the Nazis and World War II. It’s not a detail a lot of people pick up but it’s important to understanding the movie’s real life applications. I also loved that you wrote about how the movie is about finding yourself and moving on from your past, because the past doesn’t have to define who you are and you should never let past mistakes hinder you from taking risks in life. Great Job!

  2. This is a great blog I think the same thing, people of all ages should watch Disney movies because they teach life lessons like you said. I have always watched Disney movies since I was a little kid watching them from Block Busters. I like how you brought up that the new Disney movies shed light on social issues more than the old ones and I can totally see that. Also, the part about the lion king was well thought out I loved it. Even though I read hamlet and went to a play in high school, I would have never made that connection, you did a really good job. I think that Disney designed each character to embellish a certain type of person and the lessons just flowed around the characters. I believe that Disney movies are so creative, and they just have such a positive impact on the world. Thanks for sharing very well written blog.

  3. I totally agree with you. As I was reading, I actually started of thinking of scenarios where I too have rewatched Disney movies and found that they convey a message that is totally different from what you originally thought it was about when you were younger. An example that I would personally like to reflect on is The Princess and the Frog. In the movie, the lead character Tiana seemed to have come from a low income African American family while her best friend who was caucasian was rich and had everything she could possibly want. My point in this is that it definitely flew over my head that Tiana had anything less than what her best friend had simply because of how young I was. Also, because Tiana seemed to be happy with her family in her little log house so it never occurred to be that the story was really based upon her trying to come up from where she come from. Instead, I was set on the idea that she just really wanted her own restaurant. 

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