For Jordan

Today, I want to write about my dog Jordan. She was my childhood dog of fourteen years. At the start of this year, she passed away. This isn’t meant to be a sad story. The reason why I’m writing this was because of my multimodal. When coming up with ideas for my multimodal, I started thinking about my dog. The stress and sadness I got from her passing seemed to amplify all the stressors already associated to college and life. There would be busy days that would trigger memories of her, and, at first make me feel sad. It was already hard enough dealing with depression and anxiety from being a college student. And then it hit me. The reason I thought about my dog so much was not because of her passing, but, because she was my emotional support. Even during high school, she was there for me when I was stressed. After losing my number one support, I started to feel the full effects of college, including the grief of losing a pet. Everything seems harder now compared to my first semester. I have started to think about how much college plays a role in my mental health. I looked into resources that were available to help me cope with my feelings. Things like counseling and home remedies were recommended. Even now, as I am writing my blog, I am getting some therapy from my reflection on Jordan’s life. I have started to think about how college affects everyone mentally. I can’t be the only one going through these feelings. This leads me to my topic that I wanted to talk about. Mental fatigue is a very real and serious issue that needs to be addressed more. For those who go through depression and stress on a daily basis, most college students seemingly just interpret these feelings as just being tired. Many, including myself, do not use the resources that are made available to us on campus. My goal with this multimodal is to not only represent how we treat mental health issues now, but, to also bring awareness to those who may be dealing with these issues. I was very lucky to have Jordan for as long as I did. She helped me during some rough times of school and life. For those who are also experiencing depression, stress and anxiety, it is ok to talk about it. Everyone deals with this in their own way. I am still trying to heal from Jordan’s passing but grateful for the wonderful life we shared together while she was here.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your dog, it truly takes a toll on us when a loved one passes.
    In college I’ve tried to keep myself busy just to ignore how crazy life can be and the pressure around us to keep our grades up. However the other day, I actually took time to think/go over what had happened over the past week, and I noticed how exhausting it is physically & mentally.
    Thankfully this week hasn’t been too crazy and I’ve been able to get a lot of homework done due for this week; so I’m not stressing too much. I plan on continuing getting ahead of my homework (or at least try to) so I’m not stressing/waiting till the last minute complete assignments.

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