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After reading Here from our course reader. this prompted a conversation about housing with my classmates at my table. We talked about our current situations and future plans. Compared to everyone else, I got the best case scenario. I live in a suite in the newest dorm.  During my first semester, I had a roommate who I could actually compromise with when there was issues. The only annoying thing was that she would bring her boyfriend over all the time. At the beginning of my second semester, she had to leave and I was left with a room all to my self. I was also told that it was unlikely that I would get a new roommate so I have my own room for the entire semester. I was very fortunate to have this setup for my first year of college. I’m also excited for my future living plan with American Campus Housing.

Around this time of the year, many are trying to find housing for next year. Some are fortunate to get on campus housing near the commons and library. There is also the option to go with an off campus housing company. Because of my experience living in Gladding Residence Center, which is owned by American Campus Housing, I decided to go with one of the other buildings of a similar design. The issue is that these apartments can be expensive and fill up quickly. Being the planner I am, I decided to sign a lease in October while there was still discounts and availability. However, most freshman aren’t thinking about finding housing in their first semester.  It’s only at the beginning of second semester that housing is being advertised to students. The stress of finding home then causes people to rush for the best options in February and March. For those who wait to find an apartment, they may find themselves looking at uncomfortable living options.

From what I have heard, many apartments near campus or that advertise to students have not been very good. Many online talk about bug infestations, mean landlords, or homeless people sleeping in the halls. These are things that people don’t find out about until they visit the apartment or move in. I can’t imagine being stuck on a year long lease for a place with cockroaches running around. Another issue with housing is that its hard to find roommates to live with. In my own situation, I am looking for a roommate based on people who I know. If I cant find someone before a certain date I will have a to live with a stranger. These are only some of the troubles of being a freshmen in need of housing for next year.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to live in Gladding too. My roommate has been my best friend since 7th grade and we decided to go to the same college so that made everything a lot easier. We have a lot of common interests and balance each other out a lot in different ways. She is more on the wild side and I am the calm one. I also have a boyfriend who comes to visit me on the weekends sometimes, but he is good friends with her, so we always have a good time together. I am a little stressed about housing for next year because we are both applying to programs where we aren’t guaranteed to get in. So, if one of us gets in and the other doesn’t then I don’t know what we will do because neither of us have had a lot of time to make friends and go out. We basically only have each other. I’m excited to see what happens though!

  2. This was a great idea to write about for blog posts. I am probably going to write about it as well next week. You said that your old roommate was easy to compromise with but always had her boyfriend around. I can literally relate to that whole situation. My roommates boyfriend lives with me so it really sucks. However, I do live in GRC with a suite as well.
    My family and I also looked at the American Campus Housing company as well. However, I am sadly not living in one of their apartments due to money. Instead, I am living on campus at Cary and Belvidere. I read the reviews for this housing and everyone seemed like they really like it! I was going to live in Ackell until I read the reviews about the bug infestation.

  3. Something I do love about VCU is that there are so many housing options since you aren’t required to live on campus as a freshman. Before moving to Richmond, my cousin had graduated here and told us all the details about apartments in the area and the college overall. I knew from the beginning that some apartments are actually the same price as a dorm, as long as you have a roommate to split the rent with. After hearing that I was pretty much set on getting an apartment. If I could have my car, my own bathroom, kitchen, closet, etc. then that is what I wanted to be paying for. So far I really like my apartment building and I am renewing my lease next year with my best friend. The only downside is I decided to meet my roommate on a Facebook housing group and in the beginning we got along really well but things have gone downhill since then and I even considered breaking my lease just to move out. So far I have decided that I should just stick it out and spend time out with my friends instead of at our place.

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