The Big S

As a college student, we constantly undergo pressure. Pressure to do well in school. Pressure to maintain relationships. Pressure to be successful. We build such a large expectation for ourselves that we end up working ourselves sick. We’re always tired from completing projects and assignments to the best of our abilities. Sometimes we feel unwell, but we know that we need to finish our classwork and get a good grade. For me, these past two weeks have been extremely exhausting. With spring break just around the corner, all my classes have had projects and tests due in a small-time frame. This is also followed by constant reminder from friends and family that the deadline for the nursing application is due soon.

So, what is “The Big S”? After the reading the top you can probably guess that it stands for stress.  Stress is a huge issue among college students. It doesn’t matter what major you’re in or what your researching, eventually we all experience stress. However, something we can control is how much stress we deal with at a time. Time management is an important skill to learn. I personally suck at managing my time. This is probably why I have felt so tired over the past couple of weeks. Every time I talk to my friends, I tell them I need to take a nap. I also think it’s funny because I wrote about mental health issues like stress for my multimodal and ended up suffering from symptoms of mental exhaustion. My point is that it’s important to give yourself space to breath. I also know that I can’t be the only going through this right now.

With spring break little over a week away, you may feel buried under assignments. Believe me when I say I’m counting down the days until I can finally relax. However, I personally would like to go into the break knowing I did the best I could before Midterms. I’m still going to force myself to finish assignments as best I could, but I am going to plan better. If I am going to give myself as much time to work on projects I need to work ahead of time. I always get annoyed with this phrase because I believe I work better under pressure. However, that is no longer an option. I honestly think that all the stress I am dealing with is affecting both my mental and physical health. I will start to use resources like campus coaches to help me cope form here on out. I totally recommend other to do the same.

4 Replies to “The Big S”

  1. This was really enjoyable to read. I found it funny how the project on mental stress you made actually stressed you out, and it made me wonder does doing smaller assignments like this stress you out, or was this a relieving way to end your week?

  2. How has stress affected your life since you have been in college? I am curious to hear a personal aspect of the stress. I can agree that college can be stressful, what are some ways that you think are helpful to lessen the amount of stress?

  3. I am also applying to the nursing program and the stress is unbelievable! I have already completed my application so now it is just a waiting game for me which, to me, is just as stressful as the application process. I am always wanting to do assignments ahead of time and that can sometimes put me in more stress because I sit at my desk for hours on end doing homework, but if I don’t, then I will get behind and it will just turn into a vicious cycle. College has definitely been the most stressful time in my life.

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