How I Deal With Stress

After writing “The Big S”, I got some questions in regards to my personal experience with stress. Things like ” how do you deal with stress?” and “how has college stressed you? ” are just some examples. Personally I see my stress being influenced by many different aspects of my life, not just college. However, college has definitely played an important role on my mental health. I try not to worry about small assignments like homework or classwork, but my mood seems to change when it comes to more impacting work like projects or tests.

Since coming to college, I’m more tired and sometimes irritable, compared to when I was in high school. This has also been noticed by my parents. When I talk to them over the phone, it sometimes ends with me venting about school and relationships. Sometimes I feel lost or overwhelmed by obligations or worries. One question that I thought was interesting was “do you think your thoughts alone of you being stressed and overwhelmed by the workloads makes you over stressed?”. I think this question is asking if thinking about stress makes me more overwhelmed. If that’s the case, then yes, sometimes it does. I can over think things, especially in stressful situations. I may overreact and make myself worry even more than I actually need too. I can still experience this even well after finishing a task.

Even when I turn in an assignment, i’m not always relieved. I think about what I could have changed or, what I could have made better. I’m only relived when i’m satisfied with the grade.  Some ways I combat these feelings are by doing things I like. I like to pick up new hobbies or listen to music. I like to nap, so I sleep a lot. I even meditate when I feel too anxious or stressed. I force myself to try new things so that i’m not only thinking about college. I want to make it clear though that these are ways that I deal with stress, i’m not suggesting others should do the same. I only recommend that people should find stress relievers by doing things they are interested in. That could be drawing, dancing, exercising and so on. I also recommend people create a support system to communicate to. This could be parents, grandparents, or friends. Those times that i’m venting to parents often help me when i’m going through a hard time, by just being able to speak it out of my emotions into the world.

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