Man’s Best Friend

My goal for spring break was to do as little as possible. Because of the stressed I collected over the past few weeks, I was going to relax, sleep, and eat good food. No homework, chores, or responsibilities could force me to move from the couch. However, the only thing that could possibly make me motivated to work or study are dogs. Sure enough, my entire spring break included dogs. For me, dogs have always pushed me to do better. Their unconditional love encourages me to work harder so that I can focus my full attention on them later.  Dogs can also be very entertaining depending on their personality.

My first dog, Jordan, had a very chill personality. She loved to cuddle and dig her head into people’s chest. She was also sensitive to other people’s emotions and acted almost human. When someone was sad or sick in the house, she would lay on their feet or lay in their lap knowing it would make them feel better. Sometimes my family would find her laying on our coffee table or on an ottoman being goofy. She also would play tag with us in the house when there was nothing to do. Even in her old age, she was still active enough to chase us.

Recently, my family got a bonded pair of brothers named Thor and Loki. Loki is mischievous and jealous. He likes stealing Thor’s toy and treats and always starts fights with his bigger brother by teasing him. If he sees Thor getting cuddles or attention, Loki will push him out of the way and climb into the persons lap. Thor is calmer and loves to sleep. However, when he gets excited, he can overpower his brother and chase people around the house. Together, the boys build on each other’s energy and they love to interact with strangers and other dogs.

Even while I’m writing my blog, I’m still hanging out with dogs. Currently, I’m looking after my cousins’ dogs Birdie and Angus. Birdie is socially awkward, meaning she barks at anything for no reason and it takes a while to build some trust. Once she knows you, she is very gentle and loving. Her younger brother, Angus, is the complete opposite. He loves meeting new people and being close to them. Angus is a little ball of energy, so he loves to run and throw toys in the air. Sometimes this energy is a negative because he likes to jump on people and nibble their fingers.

All the dogs in my life have helped me in some way or another. They have made me laugh and they helped when I was not at my greatest. The love I got from them has created so many wonderful memories. I will always believe that dogs are man’s best friend.

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