Group Projects are Terrible

In high school, group projects were always annoying.  Someone would slack off or there would be one person who ends up doing all the work. In my personal experience, I end up being the one who picks up the slack. I try to delegate jobs to each person so that everyone is doing equal amount of work. However, there is always one person who would not send their work to the group. I then take it upon myself to complete the missing or lacking portion in time for the due date. This has happened to me so many times that I gladly snitch on the person who is lazy. I have even informed past group members that if they fall behind or do not meet deadlines, I will personal make it my job to inform the teacher. I know this sounds aggressive but when you do someone else’s work repeatedly, it gets infuriating.

Since coming to college, it has only gotten worse. Being in classes where no one talks to each other makes it difficult to find a group that you want to work with. Once you find a group there is a high chance that you will only see them during class. It’s not like you can walk up to them during lunch and talk about the project. They may not even answer text messages or emails making it only harder to communicate with them. As a person who has managed projects before, this makes me anxious. Not being able to talk to everyone makes me worried that I can’t hold someone accountable for when they start to get lazy. However, my greatest tool to combat this is google doc. You can see the history of what people did. I can even chat with them even if we are not in the same room. This has really helped me while I’m working on my projects.

Currently, I am working on a semester long group project for math. I will also be starting a project for PSYCH 407 soon. For math, I am already dealing with some tension. One member continues to be lazy about deadlines and finding information. Its then been left to me and another member to add to her portion of the project. I have already talked to the professor who is now keeping a close eye on our project. For PSYCH, my anxiety starts to kick in. This is a class of 150+ people who don’t talk because it’s too early in the morning and no one wants to socialize. We now must get into groups of 4 or 5 and create a presentation. Thinking about it now, I have absolutely no idea of how I’m going to do this. This only fuels my belief that group projects are terrible.

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  1. I totally agree with your post, high school ruined group projects for me. I can not find group partners that are as willing to do the same amount of work in the group as me. I find it hard because not everyone wants to communicate and do their part or role in the group. Sometimes I feel as if doing all the work by myself would be easier than having to communicate and go through all the work with my partners, ultimately saving my own time and effort.

  2. I can relate to this a lot as well. For my MASC 203 class we are in different groups the entire semester. The class has no homework, exams notes, or lectures…only group executions. It is taught by two professors and they both have worked in the advertisement business for many years. The one thing they tell us is that group projects are never going away. They also say that there will always be those people who aren’t team players and who won’t contribute at all. Their advice for that is to just get used to it; harsh right?? That’s what I thought too. I’m still trying to understand where they are coming from and trying to learn how to deal with the people who don’t do any work.

  3. I feel this. It is always hard for me to do group work because I’m a quiet person and I’d rather do it alone. However, when group work is necessary, I want to have a strong group. Nobody wants to be the person who is stuck picking up the slack from peers who don’t want to help. The purpose of group work is for us to do it as a “group.” It would be individual work otherwise. I just find it inconsiderate that people don’t see how them not contributing effects the bulk of the group and more importantly the overall grade of the assignment.

  4. I can relate to this a lot since I am currently in a online art history class. Usually I was the one who wait other to start the conversation. However, this time I have to be the group leader and ask everyone to start to work on the project the day before the due day. Luckily they all finished their part on time. But when I did my group project with my classmate during the art class, I am always the one who has the best idea and the one who lead the group and did the most job. But everyone get the same grade at the end, which make me feel not fair. So I think even though that’s a group project, everyone should reiceve different grade base on their contributions.

  5. I definitely understand why you don’t like group work. It is not my favorite type of schoolwork, because PEOPLE NEVER WANT TO DO THEIR PART OF THE WORK. Nothing pisses me off more, than someone in a group who doesn’t do the work for whatever reason, it’s as if they don’t care about everyone else and how their carelessness affects the grades of others. I think if professors will continue to make us work in groups at least allow us to pick who we want, because then we get stuck with stragglers and they just bring the effectiveness of the project down!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on group projects. I absolutely despise them! To this date every single time I was assigned one I would literally do all the work. I am a bit of a perfectionist so half of me wanted to always do it all myself because once I had a vision, I wanted the outcome to be that way. But the other half of me wished other people helped because there were always classmates that did absolutely nothing. I remember always making group chats to stay in contact and people still wouldn’t do their part so I had to stay up late at the last minute to compensate. I would much, MUCH rather do individual assignments/projects.

  7. I feel you on group projects. When I am assigned a project I always dread it. No one usually ends up doing work and I am the one person in the group texting everyone to do something. It isn’t bad to inform the professor on someone who isn’t doing the work, it’s what you should always do. Someone who isn’t doing the work shouldn’t get the points. I do understand why professors want us to work together but there are so many people who don’t do their work and ruin the project for everyone.

  8. I’m glad i’m not the only one who feels this way! Throughout high school a majority of my classes had group projects, and I always hated doing them. A lot of the time when there’s group projects the group gets graded as a whole, instead of individually, although the teachers say it’s not that way. It got to the point where if there was a group project I ended up just doing the whole project myself, or needing to hound my group members to do their part. Projects are usually a large part of your grade, so of course i’m gonna take it seriously. That’s why I like when we have those group evaluation sheets, so that i’m able to express my view on some of the members in whatever group i’m in. As someone who is more independent when it comes to school work, solo projects are a ton easier for me and I can usually do super well on them.

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