The Many Faces Of Game Players

Even on the off chance I play them, I love games. There is an unlimited amount of board, card, or dice games to enjoy. I love games like Uno or Clue because they bring different elements to the game to make it more exciting. Games, when they get intense, also bring different personalities out of people. Sometime these personalities appear slowly, other times they show up out of know where. I think anyone who has played a game will understand these personalities.

First, there is the strategist. This is the person who, no matter what game, has a well thought plan of success. Usually, they can be too over confident while playing. Strategist are also the most patient of players. If they know they will win in the next five turns, then they will just wait. They can also be slow, taking too much time per turn to think of the best move or action for the game. I think strategists benefit most from board games or certain card games because they involve planning.

Second is the overly competitive player. These are the types of people who bring tension into the room. Sometimes, these are the players who might start yelling out of nowhere during a fast-paced game. Overly competitive players will force themselves into situations where they fight another player. This in the hopes of gaining points, money, or any other values. If they win, the player may brag too much on their successful fight. If they lose, overly competitive player may react negatively and sometimes turn into sore losers. You can find an overly competitive player in any game.

Third, the board/dull player. This is the person who finds no excitement in playing the game. Most likely, they will watch, only play one game, or have no interest whatsoever. They might draw their attention to something else like their phone or TV. You can find a board player anywhere unfortunately. It also really depends on how a person is feeling that day. They could be tired or have other things on the mind. They also just may not like the game you’re playing.

Finally, there is the alliance. These are the players who team up to mostly benefit themselves. In board games, people may help each other if they see points in the future. In card games like Uno, players may work together to take down a winning opponent. However, the biggest flaw is alliances can change quickly depending on the game.

When a game gets intense, people can change. These are the player types I remember the most. I know there is more but these to me are the most popular personalities. I think it is also important to mention that everyone can have these personalities, including me. Some of these personalities can make the game even more fun. They can create memories, connections, and more entertaining game play. These are the many faces of game players.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I could match every face during board games to people I know or that I’ve played with. I am never the person that watches, I will always want to play or learn how to play the game if I don’t know how to. I might watch the first game and then join the second once I understand the game a little better. Now while I am playing the game I am the strategist and also the competitive player. I am always thinking a move ahead as I grew up playing chess and learning how to think ahead of your opponent. I also, am very competitive and will want to keep playing until I win. Things can get heated but I always respect somebody if they beat me.

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