April Showers

The saying “April showers bring May flowers” seems to be true this year. These past couple of weeks have been filled with very rainy days. Virginia has always been known for humidity and unpredictable weather. In these warmer months, there is a possibility of seeing rain in our weather apps more often. With rain comes different feelings or thoughts. Especially with finals around the corner, everyone could be acting differently when there is a storm. Everyone also has an opinion about the rain.

Many, including myself, can enjoy the rain. From a light drizzle to intense thunderstorms, it is possible to feel a sense of calm. I don’t know why, but just hearing a downpour can be super relaxing for me. If a storm goes on for hours, I will have my window open and listen to it. During a thunderstorm, my brother and I will guess how long it takes for us to hear thunder after seeing lightening. Whoever guesses right wins. These of course are my own experiences with rain. Others who also like rain have told me there is a refreshing feeling after a storm. Imagine, after days of high humidity there is finally a storm that seems to wash away the sticky air. I also know kids who are excited to go outside and jump into big puddles while it’s raining.

There are also reasons why a person does not like the rain. The dark clouds and wet weather can make a person feel sad or depressed. During heavy storms, a person may feel trapped in their home or place of work. This trapped feeling could get worse if the person loses power during a heavy storm. People can also get bored quickly during a long storm. Someone could also have a fear of lighting and thunder (astraphobia) and feel panicked during thunderstorms. People will also dislike streams of water and flooding that occurs during heavy storms. If your forced to go outside during a storm the feeling of wearing wet clothes is terrible. These are just a few reasons why rain could not be enjoyable.

These examples of why a person may or may not like the rain can differ depending on their feeling and experiences. I enjoy the rain, but I don’t like the feeling of wearing wet pants and shoes when I must walk somewhere. Rain can impact our lives in ways we don’t think about like emotion. With the Virginia being so unpredictable, I can only assume that there could be more April showers in the near future.



3 Replies to “April Showers”

  1. I don’t like rain but I do enjoy thunderstorms. It doesn’t seem like they happen as often as they used to, but sitting inside with the thunder and lighting blasting outside was always enjoyable

  2. Like you, I love the rain. I love how when it rains the world goes silent and only the rain can be heard. My love for rain comes from my love of the cold. In the wintertime I usually have my window open which allows the cold air to hold me while I sleep. Another reason I like the rain is it’s a “free car wash”, even though it only last a few days it nice to have a clean car for a little bit of time. Only thing I don’t like about the rain is that people don’t know how to drive in the rain.

  3. For me, it definitely depends on the situation. I really love rain and thunderstorms when I am indoors, but if I have to walk to class when it is raining I absolutely hate it. I feel like that is how most people are about walking in the rain as well, but I am extra irritable when I have walk in the rain. On the flip side I also think it is extremely relaxing and I too open my windows just to hear the sound of the rain on the roof and the trees. I loved reading this post!

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