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Remembering for the Future

I’m feel like I’m still suffering from information overload. There’s simply so much on the internet that focusing in on one thing is a struggle. As I continue on my inquiry journey I continue to grab onto more and more nuggets and potential directions that I’m feeling like this guy. I think my experience is […]

Tagging and Diigo Activities

The tags that I used on Diigo and in the “Extending My Dream” activity to identify my main interests are: #augmentedreality #visualculture #escapism #storytelling #symbols Exploring the old Diigo page was helpful for finding more scholarly sources than I had been stumbling across so far. There were a lot of interesting things about crafting an […]


At this point I’m leaning towards making my inquiry project a one-man journey. Of all of the blogs that I’ve read I don’t feel that anyone else is interested in similar things as I’ve been discussing. That being said I still don’t really know what I’ve going to write about, exactly. Despite the best efforts […]

Bricks and Their Effect on Language

How would our civilization have matured if this had been the only manual means for us to use in graphical manipulation of symbols? For one thing…¬†the effort in doing calculations and writing down extensive and carefully reasoned argument would dampen individual experimentation with sophisticated new concepts, to lower the rate of learning and the rate […]

Selling the Dream

The root of my dream for this class is augmented reality. Specifically how it relates to previous developments in visual technology and the different ways in which people interact with these. Over the course of history we have moved from hand-made images, to photography, then film, and finally the Internet and everything that brings with […]

Research and Skinning Cats

Working from a basic question and then applying it to research was difficult; it felt like looking for answers where I didn’t have a question. Perhaps that was my own fault, or the fault of the subject. What I found was that tangible examples of augmented reality are very few, and much of it is […]

Texting/Interpretation/Extending the Dream

This is the first in a very long series of videos released by the developers of¬†Ingress. Over the course of these videos the story of the game is fleshed out, information about world/game events are released, and information about updates. Although it’s frequently goofy at best, and a bit awkward at it’s worst, they make […]

Meandering and Holy Hyperlinks

When I started to search all I knew was that I was interested in how augmented reality could affect visual culture. I sense that augmented reality is just the latest advance in a long series of changes that have started taking place primarily since the internet, although as I’m now writing this I wonder if […]

Thoughts on Week 1

This post is rather past-due, as it’s already halfway through Week 2 (where did the time go!) but late reflection is better than none. I can honestly say that this class was a fantastic choice for myself. Others have had some issues with the format, and at first it was really confusing to navigate. However […]

The Treachery of Images

  In very broad strokes, this painting comments on representation, and how we perceive objects. One thing that I find interesting about the painting is the way in which Magritte chose to paint the pipe. His very smooth application of paint and simplified form and texture of the pipe further reinforces that this is merely […]

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