Archive | October, 2014

FI 250-4

On Wednesday I made a short presentation on hegemonic masculinity, and I think it went pretty well! I was able to talk about it with pretty good confidence for a good amount of time, and even though I was unsure in some parts, I think I managed to at least come off as knowing what […]

FI 250-3

It’s been half a semester and I feel as though I don’t know anyone in the class at all, which is really disheartening. Maybe I’m thinking of the class from my experience in studio course, which tend to be much more personal since there’s a lot of studio time, more like-mindedness, artwork tends to get […]


This past week was better in a lot of ways, I’ve started to be a little bit friendlier to students such as talking to them before class and being more active in discussions. I think I’m still figuring out what it means to teach an English course, since I’ve spent most of my time thinking […]

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