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Reflection No 1: First Teaching days

The first class was a lot more reactive to what I was saying, especially when it came to the images. I think that has something to do with in-class engagement level, not average intelligence or grade or anything like that. In the second class I think the quieter students were definitely listening, but still don’t […]

UTA Reflection

It’s been some time that I’v done a reflection, sometimes it feels difficult to reflect on what I do as a UTA, since it so frequently feels just like being a student only I’m more mature now. Today I tried to guide a discussion more directly, but I’m having a lot of trouble phrasing things […]

FI 250-4

On Wednesday I made a short presentation on hegemonic masculinity, and I think it went pretty well! I was able to talk about it with pretty good confidence for a good amount of time, and even though I was unsure in some parts, I think I managed to at least come off as knowing what […]

FI 250-3

It’s been half a semester and I feel as though I don’t know anyone in the class at all, which is really disheartening. Maybe I’m thinking of the class from my experience in studio course, which tend to be much more personal since there’s a lot of studio time, more like-mindedness, artwork tends to get […]

Groupthink in Beta

I incorrectly assumed that the feedback portion of this assignment was supposed to be on the blog of whom we were reviewing. Guess I should read directions better (oops!) I commented on ifrahansari88’s blog and Lina Ibrahim’s blog. However I’ll summarize my thoughts thoughts on each of their blogs. I thought that the point of ifrahnasari88’s beta […]

A Vector

This quote (more like a paragraph) was entirely too long to post to twitter. Here it is in it’s (almost) entirety, from McLuhan’s The Medium Is the Message. “General David Sarnoff made this statement: ‘We are too prone to make technological instruments the scapegoats for the sins of those who wield them. The products of modern […]

My Inquiry

Here is my Inquiry Project thus far. I have outlined the general flow of my argument on paper, and I feel more confident with the direction that I’m heading now that I’m actually writing. The end result is still up in the air, but I think I’ve got it all in my head now. I’ve […]

Sharpening My Tools

Works Cited Baudrillard, Jean. Simulacra and Simulation. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan, 1994. BConradWilliams. Web. 20 July 2014. <>. Benjamin, Walter. Works of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. N.p.: Schocken/Random House, 1936. Print. Berger, John. “Ways of Seeing/Episode 1.” Ways of Seeing. Prod. Mike Dibb. BBC. 1972. Television. Engelbart, Doug C. Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework. Rep. […]

Some Assembly Required

Artie, Vierkant’s The Image Object Post-Internet. The primary claim I will be using is that art (and images) are now undergoing continuous iconoclasm and reformation. Imagery is in a constant state of flux at the hands of users everywhere. However the nature of mass media is now profoundly different, in that we are both its subject […]

Real Estate/Interior Design

Wikispaces seemed like a suitable place to house my inquiry project for several reasons. It’s designed to be spread out over multiple articles, similar to my PYLON series of posts which were fun to do. Additionally it’s expandable and modular, which suits my topic well. I’m going to be spreading out over a lot of […]

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