FI 250-3

It’s been half a semester and I feel as though I don’t know anyone in the class at all, which is really disheartening. Maybe I’m thinking of the class from my experience in studio course, which tend to be much more personal since there’s a lot of studio time, more like-mindedness, artwork tends to get personal, etc etc. I want to engage the students in conversation more often, but it’s difficult at best; they’re in a much different place than I am. Overall I think the class is going pretty well, and I’m looking forward to race week as that means that I’ll be able to share in discussion some. However I don’t know how to share in that discussion; as a white dude I don’t feel like there’s a lot to talk about. I think that some of the author’s points that are really great to emphasize are that being white means that you don’t have to think about it. I’m far more aware of people of color’s races than my own. I’m not scared to walk around at night, even alone. I don’t feel overtly threatening to anyone (as some of my black friends have expressed). I almost never feel out of place where I go, etc. One thing that I thought was really interesting from the author was the idea that privileged individuals should try and give up some of their positive privileges. I’m not sure what that means, is that something that you can do as an individual? The primary problem posed by these essays is: systemic racism is real and evil, how do I as an individual counter it? Can I? Should I? Is it enough to try and treat everyone equally? I’ll try and come up with a couple discussion threads for class tomorrow.

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