This past week was better in a lot of ways, I’ve started to be a little bit friendlier to students such as talking to them before class and being more active in discussions. I think I’m still figuring out what it means to teach an English course, since I’ve spent most of my time thinking about how art profs teach. I think the discussion yesterday (Wednesday) went really well, but it did end up being a bit of a monopoly of a couple students, and I’m wondering how we can engage other students in discussion circles without breaking the talker’s train of thought too much. I think students aren’t taking to blogging at all. I remember being a little frustrated with the blog assignments, since I felt that they didn’t connect back to the class very well–meaning what I wrote wasn’t read or used in any way. Is there any way that the blog posts can build to something like it did in my UNIV 200 course? I think the most important thing for a class for FI is for students to really directly see how something can benefit them or the why of what they’re doing, because it’s easy for it to feel like something to get out of the way.

I think that I’m starting to get used to AP’s question style of teaching, and the whole tag-team thing went well on Wednesday. I think that sometimes you, Dr. Pearson (?) get on a train of thought or line of questioning or something and it’s hard for me to know when or how to jump in if I should? Now that I write that out I’m not sure if those are times when I should speak, but we’ll see I suppose.

I think most of the students are doing fine, especially after the thing with Mahmoud was cleared up. I’m not so sure about Rachel, I’ve seen her on her phone a lot, and generally she’s pretty disengaged, pretty sure she doesn’t really do the reading. Occasionally Arash says stuff that if it was dug into could cause problems (I think I’ve heard him casually diss Christianity?) I don’t really know how that could be approached; I’m thinking hands-off for now? Other than that, there are the usual spread of students, I think.

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