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Wikispaces seemed like a suitable place to house my inquiry project for several reasons. It’s designed to be spread out over multiple articles, similar to my PYLON series of posts which were fun to do. Additionally it’s expandable and modular, which suits my topic well. I’m going to be spreading out over a lot of ground, and a nonlinear approach will work well. It’s also collaborative, and as I’ll be working with Meredith Brindley, and a wiki lends itself to collaboration. Most importantly, these features are built-in, and will simplify the process. Though ultimately a more flexible tool would be desirable, the project must also be manageable.

In the pursuit and examination of “the visual” it’s accepted that the world has become spatially compressed. Mass communications have made the far close, and the close far away. It’s understood that the internet has fundamentally altered our worldview. It’s understood under postmodernism that culture is post-structuralist, meaning that culture is inter-determined; dependent on the environment and perspective. In media it’s generally accepted the viewer’s perception is as valid or more so than the creator. Under postmodernism, truly delineating two related phenomena is impossible, and all is equal.

It’s understood that these things combine to warp our perception of reality; which I choose to designate as that which is being currently absorbed by our senses. In front of my eyes is a computer monitor with changing images in response to my input commands.

It’s difficult to argue anything, considering the previous. If everything is relative and subjective, how can I say anything with the hope of some sort of right-ness. I am grossly aware of my own perspective and my lack of alternative perspectives. I’m a heavy computer user, I think. Although I’m adopting the words and perspectives of those before me (which I barely understand) what is it that I can add? My primary goal is to advocate that the above information is true and that the reader ought to be aware of it. We are now both creators and consumers of media, and when doing both it helps to be aware of the higher-order concepts at play. We live in a visual world, and understanding what is working on you through your eyeballs lets you make informed decisions about it.

The research that I have done largely reports on Postmodern phenomena, or contributes to it’s grand machinery. How can I hope to work against it from the inside? If I’m to advocate anything it will be that people ought to make things more, creation is easier than ever, the resources are out there.


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