Reflection No 1: First Teaching days

The first class was a lot more reactive to what I was saying, especially when it came to the images. I think that has something to do with in-class engagement level, not average intelligence or grade or anything like that. In the second class I think the quieter students were definitely listening, but still don’t like talking out loud. Maybe AP should do that activity where students sort themselves into talking/ no-talking. I should look at the blogs to see how students responded.

I think I performed a little better than usual, it probably helped to try it out with the 1pm first. Fun facts helped with engagement and the hiccups I had came from nerves and lack of experience teaching this lesson. The overall structure worked through juxtaposition, which is valid; but is it right for this class? Does that only with more engaged students who are willing to think critically? I think that’s not true. I have experience that they don’t which enables to think in ways that they can’t.

How I do increase buy-in? I think it’s too easy to say I can’t, but it’s hard.

I think one thing that I still have to improve upon is asking questions, asking the right questions.

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