UTA Reflection

It’s been some time that I’v done a reflection, sometimes it feels difficult to reflect on what I do as a UTA, since it so frequently feels just like being a student only I’m more mature now. Today I tried to guide a discussion more directly, but I’m having a lot of trouble phrasing things as questions. I speak in statements, I don’t know how Dr. Pearson does it. Since she (you?) has actual thoughts on the things she asks questions about, if it were me I would just flat-out state things. If I know something I’d say it. However I’m used to discussing things in a setting where a statement is not left unquestioned. I imagine if Dr. Pearson spoke that way students would much more frequently stay silent.

During this session students responded really well, and I think it’s because AP phrased it through the lens of university and education.¬†Students had a lot of thoughts about all that, which seems obvious in retrospect. Funnily enough the discussion trended in a very applied direction, but I think that’s because students have an easier time dealing with that sort of thing. The process of guiding the lesson in a specific way is difficult to me. AP seems to have a sort of central theme that she works with and the question/discussion tends to loop in that direction. I think for a part of my ‘contribution’ I could write a guide for leading lessons.

I think for next class I’ll challenge myself to end every one of my sentences with a question.

Also I’ve been questioning my motivations for doing this UTA program in the first place. To be quite honest I think a large part of it was that I enjoyed it the first time around, but at times the whole thing feels outside of my area of interest. Additionally I’m really only interested in being at the front of the room or otherwise interacting with the students. I don’t know why that is.

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