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History of Coffee

As a natural and stimulating beverage, coffee first appeared in Ethiopia around the fifteenth century. It began in legend form, with a farmer seeing his goats eat a certain berry and become energetic. A drink that helps us stay awake and alert is sure to spread around the globe quickly. Coffee was being enjoyed Arabian Peninsula in homes and in the first coffee shops, called qahveh khanehin the fifteenth century.


By the seventeenth century, the bitter beverage had made its way into Europe. Coffee houses were increasing in popularity, as various opinions were formed about this new, odd-tasting drink. Since coffee was quickly replacing beer and wine as drink of choice, there were efforts to plant more seeds and churn a profit. The Dutch successfully acquired seedlings and grew beans in Batavia, which is now Indonesia.

Coffee was spread far and wide, with different areas of the world being successful or failing in growing the coffee trees. The different tastes of coffee is because of where in the world it was grown. Entire countries founded their economy based on coffee. Coffee is not the most sought after product in the world, after crude oil. A product that acquires such a vast industry and is beloved by so many is surely to be associated with its fair share of controversy, and more will be explored on this in future posts.

Original caption: Coffee growing. 1880 Costa Rica, Central America
Original caption: Coffee growing. 1880 Costa Rica, Central America

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  1. I’ve never considered coffee’s history before, and I feel like I definitely learned some from this post. I wish it went a little deeper in depth, but I still appreciate new information I’ve obtained from this.

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