Monday, September 14

SYNCHRONOUS EVENT: Google Hangout #2, 8 p.m. EST.

All 6 of the professors of the 6 sections of the thoughtvectors version of UNIV200 will be “hanging out.” We’ll be chatting and reflecting on the course and key concepts. But, unlike the last Hangout where we just talked with each other, this Hangout should be “interactive.”

There are a number of ways for you to watch the Hangout. On Google+, on YouTube or on the site. We’ll make it interactive by taking questions from the “audience” (you, the 100+ students across the 6 sections). To ask a question, you’ll need to submit it via Twitter. Just post a question and use the hashtag #thoughtvectors. We’ll try to get to as many questions as we can.

Tuesday, September 15 through Thursday, September 17

“Augmenting Human Intellect” Concept Experience

The work of Doug Engelbart is too important and too central to this course to just move on. So, there is no new reading this week. Instead, we’ll re-visit his ideas through a second concept experience (the first being “concept3” where you pointed us to something that blew your mind). This one’s a doozy, too. It’s a concept experience about concepts. And, there’s no reason for me to write it up because Dr. Gardner Campbell has a lengthy explanation on the clubhouse site for his section of the course. So, read what Dr. Campbell wrote and go for it. Near the end, he writes “This is probably a more involved concept experience than any you have attempted so far, so do not wait to get started!” (TAG: concept4)

(Hint: subtly, this concept experience should start to mimic what it’s like to compose a research paper like you’ll be doing for your inquiry project. Less subtly, by doing this concept experience, you should start to see connections among ideas that we’ve been exploring in the readings. That is, you should start to see research and literature as connected, as part of a network. In other words, texts are often in conversation with one another. Ponder that before, during and after doing this concept experience).

Friday, September 18

Compose a progress report / reflection post. I just want to hear/read your thoughts on the course so far.  Key question: How is everything going, and how do you see everything helping shape your interests for your Inquiry Project focus?  Include links to at least two other student posts and explain their connections (in any way) to your own work.