***Read:  J.C.R Licklider’s “Man-Computer Symbiosis” ***

By WED September 2  

Write a blog post connecting your colleagues:  because of the odd start to the semester, we’ve had no real opportunity to get to know each other. So, to get started this week, let’s build off of the associative trails concept experience you should have done last week.  Read some of your peer’s blogs and try to find some kind of creative connections between two of them. This doesn’t mean finding two people who write blog posts about the same content  (you are ALL writing about the same readings and topics).  It means trying to make some other association between their ideas beyond the topic of their post. Write a blog post describing two surprising associative trails that you can identify among two of your thoughtvector colleagues’ posts, and link them meaningfully. (Exercise your permalink muscles and generate pingbacks. That is Create links to both of your colleague’s blog posts in YOUR post.  (The only way I can see the connection you present is if I can see the posts of the two bloggers you reference).  If you do not know how to embed a hyperlink in your blog, Google “hyperlinks or hypertext” and see the magic that the chain link icon in the blog post editor can do).  Develop your ideas about how these two bloggers’ ideas intersect.


***SYNCHRONOUS EVENT: Live Google+ Hangout with all six professors (8 p.m. EDT)***

By THURS September 3
Nugget Blog post 2:: Last week you chose any nugget from Bush’s essay and made it meaningful in any creative way you chose.

This week, your nugget assignment is more focused in that you should choose a nugget from “Man-Computer Symbiosis” and relate that nugget in some way to something specific on the open web — an app (any app), a discussion forum, a website  — anything that takes place on the Internet.  Include an explanation of your “internet thing” and perhaps a link to give us more information about this app or online space.  Then quote your nugget, and work to specifically link features of your online web space / app to the ideas or concepts in the nugget.  Professor Boaz offers an even more detailed description of this nugget assignment on her site. (TAG: nugget2)


DUE FRI Sept 4

Revise Nugget post:  Revise the nugget post on “Man-Computer Symbiosis” to add links to at least three classmates’ posts from Wed Sept 2. . (In other words, get in the habit of linking out to other blog posts, including your own, frequently and robustly.) (TAG: nugget3)

Concept Experience:  “Formulated vs. Formulative” concept experience. This one’s a doozy and it links your reading from this week with the beginnings of your Final Inquiry Project. For a full explanation, go to our Concept Experiences page and read the description of Concept Experience #2, (TAG: concept2)