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Thank you so much for a fun class that I actually did look forward to coming to every Tuesday and Thursday! I really enjoyed hearing and reading everyones opinions on various subjects, yet all similar through the topic of food. I really enjoyed when we read the vegetarian, I usually am bad about reading books for class, as I sometimes to find them boring. But with the vegetarian I found myself not being able to put the book down! Leaving this class, I do feel accomplished. I feel as if I have gained better writing skills and I think the process and lessons we went though before each one helped a lot.


I feel like some of the google doc readings could be eliminated. They were really long and became too confusing and jumbled with all of the comments and replies. Maybe don’t get rid of the readings, just trying to come up with a way to simplify. I was overall satisfied with the rest of class and do not have any other complaints.


Maybe when students are signing up for classes it could be added in the description that this is a writing class because I wasn’t aware of that when signing up. It turned out well for me, but this may help other students looking for classes to take!

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  1. Bonnie Boaz

    Thanks for the feedback Halle

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