Multimodal Project

    As soon as we see the signal that we can walk , we walk fastly to the other side of the street. Right as my foot touches the sidewalk, I can feel the sun beaming on my back. Right in front of VCU’s school of fine arts. It reminds me of being in my hometown, back in Miami. It’s the reason I choose to walk on the right side of the street. The sun falls on you and it’s the only type of real heat you get in the winter time. Walking down Broad street is my breathe of fresh air. I usually walk on the left when running errands, but there’s something about the right that changes my mood. It’s my time to relax. My time to forget about all of the work that I have to do. It’s what relieves my stress and gets my mind of off any and everything.  Just strolling down the street, without any worries our troubles. I see other students walking past me either with book packs  or with a bag with big blue letters that spell out “Kroger”. I see the traffic lights turning from green, to yellow, and then red. Cars race against time to get to their next destination. Some may even ask how could you possibly be relaxed with so much going on? But the reality is, that relaxation/peace comes from inside of you.


        Before VCU’s broad street was developed, between the years of 1880 and 1890, it was the home furnishing center of Richmond Virginia. People from the Central Virginia region would come to broad street to get all of the furniture they needed for housing. This meant great business for all of the owners of these local furniture stores. But there was a turning point when the shopping districts of downtown Richmond went downhill after World War II. Even though VCU was founded in 1968, it wasn’t until the 1980’s when VCU’s development began to expand down broad street. Real estate owners began changing furniture stores into apartments during the 1990’s remodeling the buildings in a way to make citizens think of New York.

     The broad street as we know it today is totally different. Because of the remodeling of Broad street, I am able to walk down a sidewalk and enjoy all of the things it has to offer. The things include, cafe’s, restaurants, nail shops, small clothing stores, pharmacies, etc. 





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