10.1/10.2 reflection on intrasectional tweeting

I have rarely use twitter and when I do its to see what my friends are tweeting about or my girlfriend or whats going on in the social media world and the real world or funny stuff like memes. Its great that we use twitter for this hybrid class since its easy to get back to the professor and see what other students are up to or doing on their projects. My twitter used to be pretty much all retweets of internet memes and funny stuff. A lot of images, videos and gifs. I hope to incorporate all that good and fun stuff into my inquiry project to make it webby and interesting since my topic is about memes.

9.17 First inquiry proposal and reflection

I think the integrated concept experience we did was a little difficult but interesting at the same time. It was cool how you could make everything flow together even though if some stuff were random.

For my first inquiry proposal, I think I may go into the topic of memes. I have been interested in memes for the longest time and I feel like it would be something I would enjoy writing and also researching about. In my previous concept experience with the formulative thought, I began getting into the topic of why do memes go viral or why do people find memes funny. I think I will be going further into this topic but have not yet decided on a question for my inquiry project yet.

9.15 Engelbart Concept Experience

I started using the internet at a very young age.(http://rampages.us/luongts/2015/09/07/concept-experience/) I started to see a trend in my history and it seemed like social media was a huge factor for making this meme go viral. Communication is what connects everyone in this world and every living thing or in this case it could be a computer. Maybe in the future there will be something similar, where we plug something onto our head or a machine that transmits information to our brain. Sort of like how we store information and memory on a memory stick and then plug it into our computers or laptops. Our head/brain basically being the computer. Its possible since our whole body consists of electrical signals and information could be fed through by electrical signals. I saw connection with my previous nugget about absorbing information with this concept experience.  If automatic speech recognition and production improves, I feel like man and computer symbiosis will be more fluent and communication will improve thus giving out information more efficiently. Thus giving us companionship and reliving depression and sadness.(http://rampages.us/univ200beccagrennan/2015/09/11/analyzing-the-obvious/) The gopro does a similar task but by sharing information through images and videos such as the one Breezy looked up, “Gopro: Swimming with Dolphins”, which could probably help us learn more about dolphins and then sharing that video on like Youtube will allow others to view and learn. I think the gopro was a pretty good at what Bush was talking about information flow and how technology helps with sharing information. I feel that once this is perfected, it will be very efficient where information can be available anywhere and everywhere. If these computers can learn similar ways of human language and methodology then transferring or receiving the information might be more efficient, even if it will not be directly to the human brain. The article I read talks about how your brain gets more distracted each task you do. (http://rampages.us/breezypotter/2015/09/08/concept-experience/) I personally don’t understand why people choose to go for the wrong choice when they clearly know whats going to happen, but I guess everyone is different in their own way.(http://rampages.us/joycehong96/2015/09/04/concept-experience/) To the reflection back to my original nugget, I think the best kinds of questions for answers are simple straight up questions that are yes or no. Her question was do pets make us happy?



9.8 Licklider Reflection

When I saw my concept experience, it showed a lot of pretty good questions about memes. I started to get into the topic of memes more interesting and maybe seeing it as a topic I could write about. Trevor seemed to be having similar questions during the concept experience such as why do we find things funny? or why do we laugh at certain things? It was nice to see someone having a similar topic for the concept experience. Breezy’s concept experience was not similar to mine but an interesting one. She was looking at basically why do people waste a lot of time on tumblr or just social media itself? She seemed to find answers through research and sources but it was also ironic because she got distracted from her social medias. Joyce’s concept experience was whether hamburgers made you fat? Her topic was different from mine also but she seemed to have a good grasp on what she was going to do. She came up with interesting questions that kept her topic on track such as what extent does a hamburger make you fat? and can you lose the fat you consumed from the fast food you ate throughout the day? Becca’s concept experience was an interesting one since it was about pets. Her question was why do pets make us happy? It seems like a pretty simple answer but she goes further into it by asking  if we as humans get so much happiness from our pets, do they feel the same about us? Her research on the topic was well done and she seemed to be on a good track.

To the reflection back to my original nugget, I think the best kinds of questions for answers are simple straight up questions that are yes or no. From there you can keep deriving and making questions until you get to a question that is hard to answer. From there it will be easy to find a topic to answer that question or see your questions and see what could be done to be improved.

8.31 Bush reflection

Trevor‘s associative trail was pretty straight forward since he started to look up the flow of information and technology that the internet provides. Like many others, he did go off course such visiting  bodybuilding page but that shows you that the flow of information on the internet can lead you anywhere.

For Breezy’s associative trail, she went to research the history of gopros. I think the gopro was a pretty good at what Bush was talking about information flow and how technology helps with sharing information. The gopro does a similar task but by sharing information through images and videos such as the one Breezy looked up, “Gopro: Swimming with Dolphins”, which could probably help us learn more about dolphins and then sharing that video on like Youtube will allow others to view and learn.


I think I have all the sources gathered together and know what I want to write about in my final inquiry project. I just have to find a web space or make a different blog and start writing. My goal will be to use many gifs, images and videos of memes to relate to my topic and just make it fun to read and maybe learn something new about memes. I will definitely be using text and webby stuff to communicate to my readers.

Webby Bliss

Above is a popular meme called nyan cat! A cat running through space leaving a rainbow trail.

This meme has been viral for a long time and it always starts off with the first line saying ” What If I Told You…” but this one is a twist because people who know this meme will read it as What If I Told You.

This is also a popular meme where it begins off with ” One Does Not Simply…”. This has been popularized by the internet from the movie Lord of the Ring where Boromir says “One does not simply walk into Mordor”.

This is called the Doge. Its a meme where a Shiba has a close up shot of the dog’s facial expression. Users have created this meme by posing text around it saying such things as “Much wow” or describing the dog’s facial expression.

This video has become viral due to the fact it is hilarious especially the son shutting the oven like that. Many memes have been created after this video such as the one below

a goat version where the goat is screaming(yet another popular meme has been combined to create the video above, the screaming goat).

You Make The Call Reflection

Its hard to find others with similar topics but I have seen some use same methodologies when trying to resolve the argument. For http://rampages.us/univ200beccagrennan/2015/11/23/sunday-nov-14-you-make-the-call/, seems like she chose both sides instead of choosing one side which is similar to what I did. Then there are some who actually chose a side like this one http://rampages.us/fuentesca93/2015/11/16/you-make-the-call-post/.

I feel like we emphasize what we do on the internet because we are currently in the era where technology is flourishing and in a culture where digital is used everywhere. I am satisfied on the sources I have found and I am surprised there were sources on memes.


Memes in a Digital World: Reconciling with a Conceptual Troublemaker

Online Memes, Affinities, and Cultural Production

Insights into Internet Memes

What makes a video go viral? An analysis of emotional contagion and Internet memes

Predicting Successful Memes using Network and Community Structure

Doug Engelbart, “Augmenting Human Intellect”

Ted Nelson, Computer Lib / Dream Machines

Adele Goldberg & Alan Kay, “Personal Dynamic Media”

You Make The Call

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this dispute regarding if its social or emotional contagion that spreads the meme to become viral. I think they are both important in the aspect of virality and both should be considered into play when explaining the success-fullness of a meme. I think I am right because combining these two contagions will give a better insight of meme popularity.

2 Sources that Disagree

This source and this one both seem to talk about memes and explain how and why they grow or become viral. But one source talks about emotional contagion while the other talks about social contagion. An emotional contagion involves the convergence of one’s emotional state with the emotional states of those with whom one is observing or interacting. While a social contagion is  defined as the spread of information or behavior on social networks where an individual serves as the stimulus for the imitative actions of another. The source that talks about social contagion does not mention anything about emotional contagion and vice versa. I think that these two contagions are important in the spread or virality of a meme. It requires both spreading of information and emotions for a meme to get popular. These contagions can be grouped into a broader spectrum called behavioral contagion.

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