Meat Joy

Meay Joy was definitely interesting to watch. I had to see it a few times to really get a good look at what was going on because it was all happening so fast. I loved how Schneemann gave the women agency, I felt like they were just as much in control as the men in the scene. Moving around, and gripping the pieces of meat. This also reminded me of Adam’s “Eating Animals” piece where a woman’s body is equated to a piece of meat. It’s the idea that men feel as though they can treat a woman as though she is beneath them, as if she is powerless and there only for him to consume, similar to a piece of meat.

Meat Joy also felt very sexual. Women, men, and meat all rolling around together on the floor. I didn’t feel as though the women’s bodies were the center of this piece, but instead what they were doing. I loved how Schneemann put it, “The female nude is part of a revered tradition, although she is not to take authority over depictions of her nudity. She is just to be available.” This is what made me think of this a feminist piece. We typically see women being painted or acted upon in movies, art, videos, and commercials, everywhere! I loved that in Meat Joy the women had authority, and power. They moved around flaunting their sexuality openly, and the men did as well. They seemed like equals.

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