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I want my food memoir to circle around the tension between my experience working a unique grand opening at my current job and the many conflicts and struggles that arose that particular day.



Personal Food Memoir

“Yeah, like that! Just pinch a little lighter next time, the guests will appreciate full crust all the way around.” Those words from my trainer echoed back in my head as I found myself standing in front of my hydraulic dough press chucking another dough in the nearby trashcan after another subpar attempt at pressing one out. I felt the sweat start to gather on my forehead, only an hour had past since the doors opened and the end seemed nowhere in sight. Free Pizza Friday was in full effect and people were hungry to save some money.

“I got the call yesterday! I actually start my training tomorrow, isn’t that awesome?” My mom was excited as I was that I finally got another job, but I had plenty saved so making through the summer without a job wasn’t too hard. “Yeah, it’s not like Papa John’s or anywhere like that, it’s in a grey area between sit-down and fast food pizza”, I told her over the phone as I was driving home. “It’s like Qdoba for pizza, you go down the line and pick your toppings. They press the pizza dough in a fancy looking machine that molds them like car fenders. No, spinning them up in the air like the movies sadly”, I joked.

I had attended walk-in interview process a couple days prior. I learned about the opportunity to work at Blaze Pizza whilst browsing Craigslist for something part-time. I saw they were giving on the spot interviews in the upcoming weeks, so I marked my calendar. The day finally came and I put on a plaid fitted button down dress shirt, slim khakis, and my nice pair of Sperry’s ready to make an impression. Gleaming with confidence, I locked the door behind me and made my way up there. Conveniently enough, the place was only two streetlights up from my apartment. I made it up there in no time at all, thinking to myself, “How nice would this be? Not even five minutes away!” I opened the door to the restaurant and I was greeted with loud rap music playing over there sound system. I glanced around the spacious dining room and saw tables lined pizzas and already hired employees all over the place- some eating, some seeming to be receiving training. Slightly confused as to what I walked into, I suddenly hear a voice come from my left side, “Hi welcome to Blaze, I’m assuming you’re here for an interview?” I immediately turned and gave him my attention, “Oh thank, yes I am! I saw your ad on Craigslist and decided to swing by.” The man was sitting down at the closest booth adjacent to the front doors. He was maybe in his late 20’s or early 30’s and was of Hispanic descent. “Awesome man, why don’t you sit down and start filling out the application. We have an open laptop right here.” I promptly sat down and started going through the several page application. Once I was done we started the actual interview. He went through the basics of Blaze, speaking of the speed in which they cook pizzas and their unlimited toppings approach. I found out this was soon to be my assistant general manager who I’d start seeing quite frequently.


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