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EDIT: I do not have a unifying critical question present in this post. I’m working on that thought now that I realize I did not do this post exactly correct. 


The idea I have is to analyze the show Cutthroat Kitchen and observe how male and female chefs differ in the kitchen in general, and on a competitive level.




  • I noticed that the different genders tend to have different sabotaging strategies.
  • I noticed that the females aren’t as aggressive bidders as males in the show.
  • I noticed that the females tend to cope with the sabotages bestowed to them better.
  • I noticed females tend to cook healthier meals throughout the rounds.
  • I noticed the females tend to be more careful and meticulous in the kitchen.
  • I noticed men are more likely to make mistakes while cooking while females are more likely to make mistakes in the speed round to pick out ingredients.
  • I noticed through all the episodes i’ve watched, females hold onto more of their money in the end.
  • I noticed the females (undisturbed by sabotages) work space tends to be neater.


Close Reading

  • The image I’ve posted above is a still from an episode of the Food Network show, Cutthroat Kitchen. This image shows a female chef cooking with a sabotage given to her by another chef. Her body language suggests she’s not having the worst time dealing with this sabotage. It appears she has to use Freddy Krueger claws instead of any other cooking utensils. Her facial expression suggests she’s handling it well, but still careful with her movements. This is opposed to the cooking behaviors of the male chefs I observed in the episodes I’ve watched over the years. Men tend to have a cockier and more aggressive approach during the show’s rounds. The veggies on the table indicate a healthier meal option she’s preparing for the judges. She could be frying that chicken, or using red meat- anything to suggest unhealthiness, but we instead see oils, veggies, and herself breaking down a raw chicken, indicating possibly healthier option.


Next to Research

I want to further explore the mannerisms of male and female chefs. I would like to look up journals / essays of findings related to this matter. I’m sure the difference between male and female cooks has been published on quite a bit.


Synthesizing Statement

Male and female cooks have completely different mannerisms & ideals while cooking on this show. It’s an interesting sight to see how the men vs. women interact, and even how the men vs. men and women vs. women interactions & reactions play out. It shows insight into how gender roles in the kitchen can be perceived to us as the viewers.



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