Michael Pollan “The Feedlot”


  • Ever since I found out about how poor the diet of cattle and other mass produced farms animals it’s made me take a second look at which brands I support when I’m at the grocery store. Reading this piece has reiterated some of the points that first scared me away from Perdue & Mcdonald’s nuggets, & Burger King burgers.
  • It brought up new terms like “backgrounding” which I had never heard before.
  • Some of the stats were surprising too. Like the conversion of feed an animal ingests that converts to “gain”. (34 lbs of feed : 4 Ibs of gain – muscle, fat, and bone.)
  • Reading more about e coli. was interesting. Such a scary (virus?). i.e Switching the cows diet a few days prior to slaughter kills e coli. up to 80%.

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