Final Post

Well here we are- the end! It’s been a interesting ride!


The class has been great. It’s been interesting to see all the different places food has taken us this semester.


Some thoughts:

  • I feel like there could’ve been a better balance between Units 2 & 3. Unit 2 felt long, whereas Unit 3 felt short. Unit 1’s length felt appropriate.
  • I would’ve like to have seen more emphasis on The Vegetarian.
    • Include extraneous reading purchases in the syllabus on first day. I had to spend $20 to overnight The Vegetarian off of Amazon.
  • Maybe include another larger reading and cut out some of the short readings we barely touched in class yet were assigned for HW.
  • Commenting in Google Docs was nice. I enjoyed doing that as HW- made the reading assignment feeling more meaningful by including discussion.
  • I loved your enthusiasm every class! Made it easier to connect to material I wasn’t thrilled or knowledge about.
  • Pollan’s were favorite reads!
  • Maybe even more in-class activities.

Thank you for an awesome Food for Thought experience, Mrs. Boaz!

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