I miss my family :(

College, a once in a lifetime experience. One is able to study whatever and wherever they’d like, as well as meet new types of people and create lifelong friendships. Also, the freedom is pretty great. One is able to do whatever they want without any parental guidance. Growing up I had very strict parents that wouldn’t let me go out that much because they didn’t want me to get caught up in trouble. Now that I’m older I understand they were only trying to protect me. Also, they aren’t from America and that’s how their parents raised them. Now that I’m in college nothing’s really holding me back and I have way more freedom. However, there’s one thing I’m missing and that my family. College is pretty great and all, but I really miss my family at times. I’m very close with my parents and siblings, so not being able to see them for long periods of time is very hard for me.

On November 1st, my birthday, I woke up feeling kind of sad. Throughout the day my friends made my birthday the best, but I was still sad. It was my first birthday without my family. Here I was sitting next to some of my closest friends, but I still wasn’t 100% happy. Then, my roommate tells me she’ll be back. Her and my family were planning to surprise me, so when she came back and I saw my whole family I was so happy that I started crying. That small gesture alone made my birthday. I didn’t know till they showed up that that’s what my birthday was missing.

In conclusion, you’re probably not the only one missing your family, they’re probably missing you too. My advice is to give them a call or even send them a text message because it could make their day. I remember one day this year I was really missing my mom, so I called her and told her how much I loved her and how I appreciate everything she does for me. She ended up crying because I made her day. Also, she wasn’t having that great of a day, so my call really turned her day around. Overall, college is pretty great, but the only part that sucks about is not being able to see my family as often as I would like. Also, after reading this please give your parents and siblings a call, you never know the call can make their day.


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  1. The main thing I miss about being away from home is my family too. I was always a home body and still am. My mom is my best friend, I tell her everything. My sister, who is six years younger than me, is going through a lot of changes and I am not here to help her and guide her. Thank God for facetime right?! I miss my dogs a lot too. I consider them a part of my family. I have an English bulldog and her name is Georgia. And I have a cocker spaniel and his name is Duke. Another thing that I miss about being home is being able to drive. I feel like everything to do in Richmond is not in walking distance so I never go out because I am not a party person. Spring break is just a short week away and we’ll be home!

  2. I liked your post because I feel as though a lot of us miss our families, but will act as if we are just having the best times of our lives here. While college is so much fun and you get a lot more freedom,( my parents were strict growing up too) I personally find myself wondering what it would be like if I went to college a little closer to home. Missing your family isn’t really something college students think about until those important days come up and you realize even the little things your family did for you meant so much. I do think we need to start reaching out more with family when we miss them, instead of staying quiet.

  3. I relate to this post. Most of the time I am caught up with homework and classes I forget to call my family. My family don’t call me often but I do realize we both have to put in the effort to call/text each other even if it is just an ‘I love you’ or a ‘how are you?’ Something so simple. This post is my own reminder to call or text my mom and dad. I miss my family a lot and I really can’t wait for spring break to have my mom’s home cooked food and be able to play with my younger sibling.

  4. I had the same experience as you and I must admit I feel the exact same way. I am actually still working on detaching myself from my family because I know that I am in school to learn and be successful. It would not engender my success to be sad everyday it might start to affect my grades. My friends actually started teasing me and saying that i should have just went to a school closer to home. Although that was a thought at the beginning of the year, as I pondered on it more. I felt that it was no the best decision for me simply because it may make me not have a reason to grow. I think I needed the distance to force me to depend on myself and be more responsible which i am totally okay with. In the meantime, just find a group of reliable friends and keep your head up. Spring break is almost here!

  5. I agree so much with this post because I never really realized how close I was with my parents until I left for college. I always knew I loved living in my hometown and I loved my parents and sister but moving away made me realize what I had back home. A lot of times I miss them and my pets but I try to just focus on school and distract myself. My mom is basically my bestfriend and I call her all the time and my sister is growing up way too fast but sometimes I have to realize that this is part of life, growing up and slowing becoming independent. It’s so bittersweet in my opinion, getting freedom and doing whatever you want but being away from the people you have always been around.

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