Concept Experience #4: Curating Twitter and Proposal Feedback

These tweets embody successful conversation between focused minds. They are eye catching to me  because the topics are interesting. I would love to learn more about those topics. Our Twitter group is a community of intellectuals, ready to support one another in our endeavors. Put out your hand and you may just end up with five more. This becomes less of a repository of information but more of a whirlpool of thought as we each contribute to the pot. Varying perspectives upon varying topics build rather than destroy thought as it opens up our understanding on our chosen topics.

A wonderful community full of witty comments and social flair. A welcome place where help can be solicited without worries or even just a gathering of casual thought. Alas, it was not for me. I’m not a particularly social person, so I shall leave it to the others. I cannot even begin to use twitter on a large scale because I do not do so with any other social media. But it is the knowledge that such a welcoming community exists that gives me assurance. It is the knowledge that should I need help, such a location is open that matters.

I’ve participated in about four conversations this week. Sporadic checking on Twitter for responses and then a glance at our group. I’m not sure how much further I can use Twitter. I can follow collaborators and update them and perhaps query them. For me this might be my limit in regards to social media use.

As for the feedback on my project, it was certainly helpful to learn what views others had in regards to my topic. Garell offered me good insight on sports and offered a valuable suggestion to follow up my topic. The videos he suggested I watch by Freddiew, were interesting to me as it embodied a level of esports taken to a level we have not quite reached. I’d like to think of it as a world where videogaming is serious business, literally, and it helps cement the idea of a potential esports in the futures. Other suggestions such as by Justin  helped clear my head some. I was so focused on writing to get esports to be a sport, but esports can just as easily have it’s own distinction or sub-category. All in all, my feedback, the varying views only showed that there was much debate on the idea of sports and it helped to know what others thought about this.

4 thoughts on “Concept Experience #4: Curating Twitter and Proposal Feedback”

  1. I remember reading some funny tweets, and it was entertaining! I remember reading one( sorry i forgot who!) saying “peace love and chik fila #thoughtvectors”. Not sure why it was said or why I even thought it was funny but idk haha. I’m sure some people felt that tweeting might have been weird or maybe unnecessary but I still thought it was the easiest way to communicate with a bunch of people who me have not met. Much easier than facebook would have been! I was able to get some feedback in the comments from an earlier post that was able to help me out some, and about 3 people responded back to my own tweets!

  2. I think it is awesome that you found some individuals to respond too as well as had individuals tweet you, unfortunately all the times i tweeted and spent keeping my Twitter open went to waste! However, it did open my eyes up to all of Twitter’s awesome capabilities and it made me find some people that had a topic in relation to mine, just they never tweeted me back……But i am so glad your experience went well! because that is so helpful

  3. Well you certainly got more feedback than i did. This whole thing was kind of a giant waste of effort for me. I sent some tweets out but got almost zero feedback.

  4. I think you made great points about twitter being a good platform of communication for our class. I think it’s awesome how you can tweet something and a few minutes laters someone can respond with a new article on your topic!

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