Inquiry Project Proposal Draft #2: Design

I’m a simple man. I’d prioritize efficiency and pragmatism over appearance any day. Unfortunately, pure blocks of text do not win people over. It is because of this that images and the like need to be used. Just writing a wonderful piece is meaningless if you can’t convince people to read it.


If I had an ideal design, it would be a hybrid of media and text. The design present would highlight the best that technology has to offer and automatically lead from one topic to the next in a visually flowing way similar to Chris Spooner’s page. I’d try to incorporate relevant images but images that I connect to. If I can’t appeal to myself, how can I appeal to others? I’d probably also try to effectively divide different subtopics in distinguishable manners such as headings or breaks or other media so as not to strain the eyes with continuous streams of text.

As for the voice of the content. I believe just staying true to yourself is good enough. The author of serves as a wonderful example. I’m a pretty casual soccer fan, casual enough that I barely watch the games and only barely know the most famous of soccer players. Regardless, he makes a compelling point spoken in a natural voice. It’s like I’m listening to him talk about this in person. His opinion is made known and is supported by a natural embedding of the facts that accompany it. Coincidentally, he also holds the pragmatic design that I would love to have. Enough media to keep the blog interesting, while maintaining the message he wishes to convey.




7 thoughts on “Inquiry Project Proposal Draft #2: Design”

  1. I looked at Chris Spooner’s page. I like how he has all the places where he “lives on the web,” and you can flip through them, and then click. So I checked out his blog page — it’s a neat, calm blog design, where he seems to repeat the same format : visual, then text. Which of his pages/”homes” did you like best?
    Basically his first page — the link — takes you to his “curated” places on the web. It’s the hub for all his other “spaces.” Neat idea — and a good way for him to collect all of his online spaces in one site — youtube, his blog, his dog’s blog, etc!

  2. Yes the writer on Messi is pretty casual — his voice as a writer. I like when he does do a bit of analysis of the video clip when he says that Messi’s “desire to stay upright allows him to keep the pressure on the defense…” He makes a brief argument in this post, doesn’t he? Defending why Messi is effective even if he doesn’t dive — right?

  3. I think that most of us will be using a lot of pictures as well as text in our projects. Pictures make any reading easier in my opinion! Finding appealing images for yourself is definitely important as its your project! You must also try to find things that will appeal to an entire audienceas well! BTW, I loved your picture at the top of the blog!

  4. I also agree that probably a lot of us will be doing this sort of mix of pictures and text but i have to be honest, sometimes I like reading without the pictures because i think if the writing is descriptive and you can feel the passion and emotion of the writer, then pictures are not really needed, however, because my topic is Instagram, i think it is most important that i put pictures. Nevertheless, i like your design idea!

  5. Yea, Staying true to yourself is basically the only thing i care about in these posts. I will censer myself because im not a fool who thinks he is beyond reproach, but i refuse to be anything but honesty in how i feel about assignment we are given.

    Also yea, wall of texts are so painful to read. I think if there is no other reason for a paragraph to exist than adding an indent every so often that’s fine by me.

  6. I agree that images win over blocks of text! I hope to include a lot in my writing as well to keep the reader attracted.

    Chris Spooner’s page was really interesting and pleasing to the eye! It was really interactive but I hope your paper will include more writing than his page did. Overall that format seems like it would work perfectly.

    The voice of that article was very compelling! I feel he used a lot of words and styles of writing that applied to the soccer world. You could include that in your paper with words and styles that would intrigue your reader with your research topic of esports.

    Keep researching and I hope to see your topic develop!

  7. Your final project design idea is exaclty what I’m hoping to accomplish. Like you mentioned, I think it’s important to break up large blocks of text with pictures and videos. I also think it’s important to have your own voice so you can keep your readers interested in what you have to say. Your project sounds like it’ll be great! Good luck!!

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