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Average thoughts

Thoughts are many things. They are present and then not; it is inconsistent. As much as I like to think that I am productive, there are multiple moments  where my mind is blank. I’ve been told that I am a hard person to read. Well for starters most of the time, there’s nothing to read so you’re not missing much.

My thoughts are like plans. They are made and abandoned almost immediately.  There’s a saying that “no plan survives the enemy.” If my everyday life is the enemy, my plans and by extension my thoughts, are never constant.  Of course, that’s during the periods where there are actual thoughts running through my mind.

I also have a habit of deleting innocuous information from my mind. For example, at my house in the kitchen area there are four light switches. Despite living there for several years, I still do not remember what each switch turns on. A pretty simple piece of knowledge that repeatedly gets deleted from my mind.

So what does all this say about my way of day-to-day thinking? If my mind were a computer, it’d be consistently running a disk cleaner and going into standby when not in any particular use, yet at the same time, sharp when needed.