Thinker is thinking the truth

The blogger who posted “Trust, Connected Learning, and Photography” named Laura Gogia. She works for education. The title of her blog named “Laura Park Gogia: The Coloring Book” I found interesting in the post is because this sentence: “And sometimes they might accept the media before they accept the people behind it, because media is more predictable – more safe – than people are.” I kinda agree with it but at the same time, i disagree with it. It is self-contradictory but i think i got some reasons for it.

Just three days ago, I went to my class with my friend and we knew a Chinese girl from that class. She’s outgoing and really friendly, but we didn’t talk that much. At the end of the class, she came up and said: “Hey, what’s your wechat number?” (wechat is a popular Chinese app) My friend gave her the number but i didn’t. I’m a slow person. I won’t usually add someone as my friend if we don’t even know each other very well. I would question why you add someone as your friend if you don’t even know her well. Maybe the answer just like that sentence said “because media is more predictable – more safe – than people are” Through the media, we get to know other people’s life but at the meantime, we don’t need to join their life or have any face to face communication and we don’t need to worried about what kind of person they are because you can just easily delete them if you need, then never gonna have any connection. Isn’t it a safe way to know about a people? You can accept who he is on the media and don’t need to think about who he really is. Yes, media can be more safe than people are as long as you keep a “filter” in your mind.

However, sometimes what you see is not what you see. Media is a good liar which you could never predict. It also is a good mask which covers people’s heart.


As an international student, i usually just post some great moment on the wechat, but never sad emotion. Does this mean that I always happy here? No, I don’t. I will miss home and I will feel lonely.  However, the reason I do that is because I don’t want to worry my parent. It’s a protection for me and also for them. But will other people see my sad emotion through the media? No they won’t and they won’t ever think about it because they believe what they see. So, is media still more predictable than people are? No, I don’t think so.


2 thoughts on “Thinker is thinking the truth

  • August 25, 2015 at 10:38 am

    I really like the sentence you choose from Laura’s blog. She’d probably like to read this post!
    I am interested in WeChat — is it just an app that allows for instant messaging type ‘chat?”
    You make interesting points about 1 — your reluctance to “add” people you hardly know to your social media circle, and 2) your sense that you must project a positive online social presence so as not to worry your parents or others.
    Interesting thinking here!

    • August 26, 2015 at 4:52 am

      Wechat is not just for texting. It does have texting, but it’s also micro blogging. There is a news feed like facebook wall called “moment”. People can share articles, music, pictures, video. It’s like a little facebook in a chatting app. Different from facebook, you can’t just add some strangers. They way to be a friend, you gotta know the ID number or username. It makes this app more like a friend circle.


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