How does it feel when I think

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So this is how I feel when I think. A mess. Maybe this is how all the women will think when they are shopping, but for me, it’s not only at shopping time, but also in daily life. I’m very struggle about everything.  My brain, my thoughts are just like tangled threads. Each thread is one of my nerve. It supposed to ends at some point and never get tangled together, but who knows, it suddenly get messed up when I think. Sometimes I get frustrated just because I can’t think a solution to solve the problem that made by myself which is not even a big deal. But human brain is like a tangled thread, isn’t it?



However, although my brain is a tangled thread, I still need to solve problems with it just like untangle the thread. There is only one way to untangle each thread unless you cut it and throw it away. This is also how I feel when I think. A certain system just like a certain way. Sometimes I feel like that I have to follow a way to do things, or this persistent disturbing unreasonable system will stay in my mind all day and ruin the day. Is it called obsession? Maybe a little bit I think. Just like the picture below, when the new day starts, there are blocks in my mind just like my system. I color it by finish my work, color by color, line by line, step by step and not interacting with others.Then it will ends up as a prefect painting. A nice day.



One thought on “How does it feel when I think

  • September 7, 2015 at 9:50 am

    Your last image is so organized and uncluttered — so different from the earlier images of jumble. I don’t think my mind is ever this uncluttered! : )


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