Inquiry Project (Aug 28)

Yeah! Wechat! Finally get to show everyone this great app! What is it? Here:

For me, maybe for the most of people in China. It’s the most convenient and useful app ever. It’s the best! The reason I like it because it’s FREE. Well, I know it’s not enough reason since there are so many apps are free. Let me show you some pictures then you’ll see why I like it the most.


The profile picture is my dog’s paw! Is it big compare with my hand next to it? Haha I love him! I set it in english for everyone to understand it. On the right side, if you go to “moment”. You will see all your friend’s moment in it. What are they doing, reading, listening or watching. As long as they post it there. No matter picture, video, article or music, you will see it! Another name for “moment” is friend circle. Obviously, the circle only has your friend. So it’s not a public space. Only your friend can see your post, comment it, share it or like it. And also, you can block someone from seeing your post just in case you add someone by “force”. That one of reasons why I like it. I don’t have to deal with strangers.

In “wallet”, you can binding your credit or debit card to your account. You can transfer money so easily to your friend. There are so many restaurants in China that you can use “wechat” to pay the check and sometimes you get some off! Isn’t it great? My mom just so excited about it. This summer when we went to a restaurant the first thing she asked is not the menu but “Can I pay by wechat? What? You are telling me no? Ask your manager i think it should be yes!”


Sticker Gallery! Just like emoji but it has more emotions than emoji. You can download stickers from the sticker gallery, you also can save sticker from your friend which you found interesting. (internet sticker, can be jpg or gif). I have so many silly stickers from my friend. Silly us.




I use it everyday. It’s the connection between my family, my friends and I. I have a family group (mom, dad and I). I chat with my parent everyday and sometime with all my family members since they all use it (My family members are in another group called “NO”. I don’t know who named it and why…) They share pictures, l will like it. They share article, I will read it. They share music, I will listen to it. It makes feel like that I’m not that far away from home. I’m not in another world. I can get in touch with them everyday, every minute and every second.



I just chat with my friend he’s in Indianan. He told me that he got text book on “taobao” (a chinese shopping has everything) for 8 dollars, but it costs 180 dollars in America! Shhhh… That’s a secret, I got a lot of things cheap from it too. By the way, if you are curious about it you can ask me for that website ! 🙂 Made in China!

The red dots on the bottom shows you how many message or moment you haven’t read. Anyway, this is my online life. It doesn’t mean a social media to me but a tangible China especially when I am here in America. (even my cute nana is using it!) I know what’s going on there. I know what family event they are going to have. I know how big the baby is now. Thanks to the technology. I Miss them.

2 thoughts on “Inquiry Project (Aug 28)

  • September 7, 2015 at 9:48 am

    It’s so clear that you LOVE this app! Your screen shots help me “see” the interface of the app — but I’m still curious to know more. I don’t know any app that’s quite like wechat — because wechat seems to combine everything — paying, ordering food, taxis, a large group social media, and then smaller groups.

    So “moments’ are like facebook status updates? If not, how are they different from a status update?
    Great post!

    • September 13, 2015 at 11:03 pm

      Not really. You can see anyone’s status updates on Facebook, but on “moment”, you only can see your friend’s moment and people who is not your friend can’t see it.


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