Concept Experience 3

I found that most of the people now including me are using social media to build connection between their friends, relatives and them. Just like what I wrote in “how do I live online” that wechat is the connection between my family and I. In “Insight, Opinion, me”‘s article, she mentioned that Snapchat is her favorite social media because “It’s just so fun being able to communicate with family or friends in a creative way such as pictures or drawings.” In another article written by “hruiz”, he thinks that Facebook benefit him the most because it’s easy to communicate with his family since they are in Mexico. I think the reason why it called social media because it helps you to socialize and provide a path for people to communicate. Personally, I don’t use snapchat or Facebook that much because it doesn’t have my family in it, but the same as these two authors, we are all using the social media which we think is the best to communicate with our families or friends. This is the first thing we consider when we pick which social media to use.


This picture shows that most of people are using Facebook more than other media. I take Facebook as a tool for global community, but since Chinese government blocked it so I didn’t use it that much. However, even if it’s available in China, I would still keep using Wechat because again, this is where my family is. Snapchat or Facebook, this is where their family is.

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