Concept Experience #6: Finding a Fantic Space

I found two artists’ websites. Since i’m an art student, so i want to make my own website different from others.


屏幕快照 2015-10-02 下午5.03.08

This an image is from a blog belongs to an artist named Petra Cortright. This is the home page but not the first page you will see when you open the link. All these named she listed on the left is all the video she made. The reason why I like this website is because it’s weird and messy, but somehow it also is organized. I guess she put all the objects that she likes on the page to create this messy look. It looks like a kid play with a new website and it doesn’t look like it’s from contemporary century, it has a kind of old century feeling to me. I guess she just haven’t changed her website since 2006, so that’s why it seems old, but I like it.


屏幕快照 2015-10-02 下午5.13.54

This is another weird artist named Jenny Drumgoole. The same as Cortright, they are all video artist. Video making doesn’t really have things to do with my final project, but this website can be the kind of looking i will have for my own website. All these color frame seems like would distract you, however, it made the center image pops out more. Maybe for my final project, I can put an image in the middle like this website to give an over all idea about what my topic is. Then on the left can be all the subtitles i have for my paper.


(The link)I like this person’s writing style because he is talking about his own experience in narrative way. Personally, I would interested in narrative article more than argumentative or other kinds of article. This article is more like a journal from that author. It resonate with me because I feel the same way as he did when travel to other country. So I want my final paper to be simple, clean and from my own experience. I think a successful article is one which can resonated with readers.

One thought on “Concept Experience #6: Finding a Fantic Space

  • October 7, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    You really give me a sense of your preferences Jaffey. I agree that maybe you could do some kind of color on a home page of your project, and then list sub-titles of sections on the left. Interesting that the first site is so old! (2006! wow!) I have no idea how she made that happen!
    I agree with you on the writer’s voice in the link you provided. Also the quirky topic — sweating in Hong Kong — that culture’s aversion to sweating. It was interesting and just unusual enough that it was captivating. I think you can use some narrative in your IP. People CAN make arguments and still use a more story-telling voice, I think.
    Do you have a topic that you LOVE, one that you find interesting in a compelling way ? That will help you write with passion about it!


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