Nugget Post: Ted Nelson at Mid-term

“The alternative is straightforward. Instead of devising elaborate systems permitting the computer or its instructional contents to control the situation, why not permit the student to control the system, show him how to do so intelligently, and make it easy for him to find his own way? Discard the sequences, items and conversation, and allow the student to move freely through materials which he may control. Never mind optimizing reinforcement or validating teaching sequences. Motivate the user and let him loose in a wonderful place”

I haven’t taken any online class before. This class is the first online class I’ve taken, so I don’t have that much experience about online learning. It’s totally new to me. I first thought online classes use Skype or Facetime to teach and communicate. I was wrong.  I think it’s hard for me to take UNIV online because sometimes i just got lost and don’t really know what the assignment required because reading a new language is much harder than just listening. I would understand more clearly if it’s a face to face class. It’s a challenge to me, but l’m start to get use to i.

Despite the difficulty of the language. There is one thing i like about online learning is that we get to find out the best and suitable way for our own leaning manner. That’s why I picked that passage because it resonated with me. Instead of go to class, listen to lecture, write down notes and follow the instruction, we have more freedom and more choice when we learn online just like what we did on the wikipedia assignment. Teacher only told you what to do, but didn’t tell you how to do, so it was really depend on us and our interests. On the other hand, we are not only have freedom to choice how to do it, but also to choice when to do it. I believe everyone has that moment when we just don’t feel like to do anything. Online class allows you to do it. You don’t have to do it at certain time, you just need to do it before the deadline. When I feel like to do it, I will do it more efficient.  If internet is an ocean, then online class allows us to swim in the ocean freely. This is how i understand “Motivate the user and let him loose in a wonderful place”

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