Class Code: w7gt5p5

Learning Objective: The students will be introduced to basic addition and subtraction. With guidance from the teacher, instructional aide, and peers, the students will successfully add or subtract 20 math practice problems with 80% accuracy by the end of the lesson. This assignment will primarily focus on the introduction of the lesson. Students will be required to complete a Kahoot assignment to pre-assess their knowledge on the subject.

Assessment: Students will be pre-assessed by completing a Kahoot assignment. Students will use this assignment to test what they know about addition and subtraction. This allows the students to see what they need to improve. As well as inform the teacher in what content area they need to enforce when teaching the lesson plan.

Which tutorials did you complete?: The only tutorial I used was to help me create the teacher’s account. The other tutorials were helpful but I was already a little familiar with google classroom, so I knew how to navigate through the site a little bit.

Why your choice of pedagogy is the optimal way to teach your content:  I believe my choice of pedagogy is the most optimal way of teaching this assignment/content. I believe this because my choice for this assignment can be done 100% virtually. This assignment also gives students a fun way to to be introduced to addition and subtraction. Kahoot is also a fun interactive way for students to test their prior knowledge on addition and subtraction while providing the teacher instant feedback on responses.



  1. wmontyjones February 22, 2021 at 10:34 pm



  2. Todd February 23, 2021 at 2:01 am


    Hey Zach! I like how your assignment was tailored very well for the grade that you want to teach. Kahoots was a great choice to make the lesson more entertaining. Especially with math, I am sure this is a hard thing to do and adding kahoots adds a competitive aspect which will entertain the students. This was very effective as a virtual assignment because the video and the kahoots game can be accessed virtually relatively easily. One thing I did not like, or was a little confused about, was how the kahoots part of the assignment was going to be done. Is it an assignment that is done during class or at a certain time with all of the students? Or maybe in small groups? I think the only improvement I would make would be to explain how exactly the kahoots game would work in the assignment. Basically, as a class or some sort of time slot sign-up.

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